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Striving for carbon neutrality: Our commitment to sustainability

At Andrews Sykes, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric. We firmly believe that sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial for the long-term success of our business and the well-being of our planet. By pursuing green technologies, adhering to regulations, gaining accreditations, and implementing measures to reduce waste and carbon emissions, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to a healthier planet. By embracing sustainability in our business model, we not only benefit the environment but also provide our customers with innovative and eco-friendly solutions as listed below.

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Five “date” ideas for you to take your temporary heating unit this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, our temporary heating units are always ready to be hired to keep you warm. Most of the units in the Andrews Heat for Hire fleet are fully mobile and quiet enough to be put into a range of environments and industries.

Below, we have given a few examples of the perfect “date spots” to locate some of our units where they would thrive. Remember, we have a wide range of heaters for a vast selection of environments, sectors, and applications. Our extensive range of safe, efficient, and modern heating units are available for immediate delivery across the country from our strategically located depots nationwide. We offer competitive rates and can configure our solutions to permit significant savings on fuel usage. So, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match!

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International restaurant chain heated by Andrews hire package

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we understand the obligation of companies operating in the food industry to keep their guests sufficiently warm throughout the winter season.

So when a famous international restaurant suffered a heating failure at one of their chains in Middlesbrough, our specialists were on hand to provide them with an instant temporary solution.

To ensure the units would be fit for purpose, a member of our contact centre used their sector knowledge to help calculate the volume of the heating duty required. In response, our specialists supplied the client with a number of portable DE25 electric units which they positioned around the dining area as well as the kitchens. This heating rental package remained in place until the fixed system could be repaired.

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Bespoke heating hire keeps concert goers warm

With temperatures at record lows this winter, Andrews Heat for Hire have been drafted in to heat various events throughout the Christmas period to ensure guests are kept comfortable. So, when a London-based events company was in the process of organising a high-profile event, they contacted our specialists for some temporary heating equipment.

The company in question planned to host their event in an old, draughty printing factory which had been decommissioned over a decade ago, leaving the application with no heating.

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Luxury apartments kept warm by Andrews Heat for Hire

The delicate nature of any floor fitting process means that temperatures must be closely controlled to ensure proper drying of the flooring. So before a housing construction company could begin installing a floor arrangement, Andrews Heat for Hire was approached for a temporary heating package.

A site survey allowed an Andrews technician to recommend a suitable solution to the client, that would prevent newly-laid floor panels from warping under the strain of fluctuating temperatures.

Four DE190 electric heaters were agreed upon and stationed on each floor undergoing work, ensuring a constant supply of heat was being distributed throughout the site. Our heater rental solution was required to operate overnight due to an issue with a lack of power onsite, and this served to guarantee that indoor temperatures never fell below a desirable level.

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Famous London gaming club calls for last minute heating

A client of ours was recently working on a fixed system for their exclusive client, when they realised late in the day that they would not be able to make the deadline prior to opening time. This was a major issue as the establishment could not open without providing a comfortable temperature for their staff and clients. The call was made to Andrews Sykes who assisted the situation within 3 hours.

Andrews Heat for Hire recommended six DE65 13kW electric heaters to be placed throughout the venue. This would ensure an even distribution of heat, providing comfort and warmth to all within the establishment.  The DE 65 is a very efficient electric fan heater and has three settings, they and can either be hard wired or supplied with a short cable tail and suitable plug.

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Heating required for garden centre in Kent

A famous garden centre in Kent required immediate heating for their unique plants. Due to the cold snap they were in danger of losing very expensive plants. Andrews Heat for Hire solution was to offer a DE95 20 kW electric heater unit, complete with thermostat. The unit was delivered and as a result of the thermostat, the garden centre was able to regulate the heating required for the individual areas. The DE95 is a very efficient electric fan heater. It’s fully portable, very robust and is quiet in operation.

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Keeping A Retirement Home Cosy

When the boiler broke down at Queen Mary House, a purpose-built retirement home for women administered by the Schoolmistresses & Governesses Benevolent Institution, Andrews Sykes responded with a rapid heater hire solution comprising of 20 x 2kW convector heaters.

The SGBI is a charity founded in 1843 and incorporated by Royal Charter. The Home provides spacious accommodation in pleasant surroundings. Originally restricted to retired schoolmistresses and governesses, it now offers accommodation to a wider range of like-minded applicants including those requiring short-term respite care.

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Good Luck To All You London Marathon Runners!


This Sunday over 35,000 souls will again be pounding the streets of the capital in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. 750,000 spectators are expected to line the route as it winds through London (passing by the Andrews Sykes Charlton branch!) plus millions of TV viewers across the world will tune in to see the action.

Whilst Sunday promises to be the warmest day of the year so far, the organisers have again selected Andrews Heat for Hire to provide the heater hire solution for the elite runners area to ensure the optimal temperature is maintained pre-race. Andrews Heat for Hire are also providing a heater hire solution for officials located all along the Mall.

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The Andrews Heat For Hire Legend Lives On


Visitors to Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park in Coventry a few weeks ago will have spotted an icon of historic rallying – the Andrews Heat for Hire Opel Manta driven by Russell Brookes.

Race Retro is Europe’s premier show for historic racing and historic rallying. It was three full days of classic motorsport action and historic racing with appearances from motoring legends. Visited by over 24,000 eager enthusiasts, the event had something for everyone with classic cars and bikes, restoration companies as well as hundreds of trade stands selling parts and memorabilia.

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