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British poultry farm hires temporary drying system

In many cases, a manufacturing process will require a reliable dehumidification arrangement to enable output levels to remain continuous. Whether our clients are working with electronic equipment, agricultural goods or corrosive materials, there is a common desire to keep operational conditions dry.

As the country’s leading supplier of drying equipment, we were the first port of contact for a large poultry farm who found that high relative humidity had begun to affect their production line. Rising indoor temperatures had led to condensation forming inside their facility, and this in turn caused colder work surfaces and flooring to become slippery underfoot. This scenario represented a serious breach of health and safety parameters meaning a workable solution was needed immediately.

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Andrews Dehumidification control humidity levels for washing powder manufacturer

Humidity is something we hear about daily in weather reports and can be blamed for that muggy, steam-room feeling you experience on certain summer days. The higher the humidity levels, the hotter we feel. This can be a severe problem for many companies, whether it be with food production, chemical substances or machines, moisture in the air can interfere with any production process.

Andrews Sykes received a call from a famous household Washing Powder Company involving humidity levels, which triggered the soap powder to cake and stick throughout the packaging process. Andrews Dehumidification sent an expert to conduct a comprehensive site survey, tasking all necessary measurements and readings. After the required calculations were made, we supplied two KT2000’s which were attached to their existing air ventilation system, thus providing the packaging area with dry air.

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