Dehumidification Sector – Document Stores

Andrews Dehumidification Hire restores conditions in local city councils archive

Andrews Dehumidification was recently contacted by a city council based in Hampshire who were in search of an urgent drying solution, which was needed for the committee’s archive store. This was located in the basement of their main building and had become overrun with moisture and mould.

A local expert visited the site to conduct a free and comprehensive site survey before proposing a tailor made drying solution which consisted of two DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers.

As part of our dehumidification hire package, we also supplied the customer with condensate containers which we situated in the basement along with the rented dehumidifier units. We ensured the drying equipment maintained a relative humidity of 50%, protecting the documents from any further damage.

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Andrews Dehumidification helps preserve historic documents

When a library’s storage facility in Staffordshire suffered an unexpected air handler breakdown, the premises’ entire contents became vulnerable to damage. It was therefore imperative that a solution was put into place to protect important books, maps and other articles while the archive’s air handler was being repaired.

One of our dehumidification hire experts visited the site to conduct a thorough assessment which enabled us to gain a better understanding of the application’s requirements. It was therefore decided that we would provide three FD40 units complete with humidistats, and three Polar Wind portable air conditioners. This ensured the temperature and humidity level could be effectively controlled at all times and afforded the customer peace of mind.

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X-Ray Storage Needs Andrews Dehumidification Hire

When handling X-ray films in areas of high humidity, it is crucial to provide dehumidification to prevent any excessive moisture causing irreversible damage. High humidity can promote mould growth and ferrotyping which will deteriorate and decolour the filmed sheets. A specialist document storage company was requested by one of its existing clients to control the humidity levels within set parameters whilst storing x-ray films. The requirement was to ensure long term protection for these radiographs. The storage area – located in Somerset – had a created a special area within their building, which was sectioned off to prevent unauthorised access and designed specifically for this type of storage. Andrews Dehumidification Hire was contacted to help provide the perfect solution. Once the call had been received a full site survey was conducted to advise the ideal solution.

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