Dehumidification Sector – Agriculture & Farms

Andrews provide practical drying solution for international cheese manufacturer

When a world-famous cheese manufacturer was at risk of experiencing a delay in production after their cold store began to lose effectiveness, Andrews Dehumidification Hire was called in to provide a practical drying solution.

Before cheese can be distributed to your local supermarkets, the produce is first stored in coolers until the desired age, flavour and texture is reached. Unfortunately for our client, their cold store rooms were failing to dry the cheese at the necessary rate leading to a deterioration in product quality. 

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Swift intervention from Andrews Dehumidification Hire saves international food producer thousands

Once a potato yield has been gathered, it is absolutely imperative that all produce is stored appropriately in order to maximise its shelf life. A potato’s high moisture content makes it extremely susceptible to quickly developing bacterial soft rot and becoming unsaleable as a result.

Process potatoes – those typically farmed for fast food purposes – are harvested during autumn and are often difficult to store safely because of damp seasonal conditions. High moisture content outdoors can often cause ventilation systems to lose effectiveness which will in turn lead to delicate crops becoming spoiled if appropriate steps are not taken at an early stage.

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Andrews Dehumidification rectify storage conditions

Effectively protecting crops and foodstuffs is one of the biggest challengers agriculturalists face from year to year – particularly when adverse weather contrives to have an impact. Delicate products are frequently confronted by the issue of unsuitable storage conditions, and this is something Andrews Dehumidification routinely assists with.

Our extensive range of drying units and dehumidifiers have our customers covered for virtually any scenario, so when a farmer based in East Anglia encountered a related problem, we were on hand to implement a practical hire solution.

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Andrews Dehumidification keep freshly harvested potatoes unspoiled

Once a crop yield has been picked, it is immediately susceptible to unfavourable environments and can be quickly spoilt if appropriate steps are not taken. Much of the preservation process involves ensuring that storage conditions are closely monitored and that neither relative humidity nor temperatures are too high.

A cool, dark storage facility will aid longevity but when this cannot be attained naturally, temporary hire equipment may be necessary. This was the situation a Scottish potato farm encountered in the midst of a summer heatwave, and they contacted us to avoid losing any produce through wastage.

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British poultry farm hires temporary drying system

In many cases, a manufacturing process will require a reliable dehumidification arrangement to enable output levels to remain continuous. Whether our clients are working with electronic equipment, agricultural goods or corrosive materials, there is a common desire to keep operational conditions dry.

As the country’s leading supplier of drying equipment, we were the first port of contact for a large poultry farm who found that high relative humidity had begun to affect their production line. Rising indoor temperatures had led to condensation forming inside their facility, and this in turn caused colder work surfaces and flooring to become slippery underfoot. This scenario represented a serious breach of health and safety parameters meaning a workable solution was needed immediately.

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Andrews Dehumidification assist Midlands pig farm

When a swine is exposed to a warm environment, its perspiration will produce ammonia – a potentially harmful gas comprised of nitrogen and hydrogen. This can drastically affect a pig’s skin and is the most common poison within holding pens and similar enclosures.

The best treatment for this issue is to increase ventilation within the vicinity, whilst keeping surface areas dry. We were therefore approached by the customer who sought an immediate remedy, to ensure a valuable food source was protected from tracheal inflammation and acute exudate.

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East Anglian horticulturalist seeks drying equipment

When a flower farmer encountered humidity issues in his cold store, he contacted Andrews Dehumidification in search of a solution. Flowers kept inside before being distributed to supermarkets were at risk of being affected by conditions inside, so an immediate response was necessary.

Condensation had begun to form on the plants’ petals, thus producing water spots which cause damage – affecting its saleability to clients. High levels of Botrytis fungus – a sort of grey mould – also begin to develop within a humid environment, underlining the importance of providing drying apparatus quickly.

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