Andrews Sykes goes the extra mile for prestigious motorsport event

Despite the last-minute request, our team sprang into action. We swiftly coordinated logistics to satisfy the client’s pressing needs and meet the tight deadline. Our expertise in emergency equipment hire enabled us to fulfil the client’s urgent requirements and ensure their landmark event’s success.

The celebration was a resounding triumph for everyone connected to Goodwood, with the client emailing sincere thanks for our prompt delivery and citing the efforts of our team to ensure preparations went exactly as had been imagined.

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Andrews comes up with golden ticket for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage show

A few weeks ago, the team at Andrews Sykes once again demonstrated our ability to provide exceptional service when faced with a critical situation during the famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theatre show.

On a Sunday evening, we received an urgent call from the stage manager, who was concerned about rising temperature levels backstage posing a potential risk to the children performing. The weekend prior, the show had to cancel two performances due to the scorching heat on the stage. It was evident that immediate action was needed to ensure the show could go on. And thanks to us, it did!

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Enhancing exam room comfort

They say the destiny of a country rests with its students, and at Andrews Sykes, we are playing our part in ensuring the next generation reach the heights they are capable of! We are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable cooling solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Recently, an all-boys school contacted us about hiring some Polar Wind Plus units – a requirement we were able to effortlessly fulfil on the same day we received an enquiry.

A common challenge during exam periods is maintaining an optimal temperature in the exam room without causing distractions. As summer approaches, the rooms in the school were becoming hotter than expected. With 27 students expected to take their exams simultaneously, the school needed a cooling solution that would efficiently cool the air while maintaining the comfort and concentration levels of pupils.

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NHS tops ‘cool’ list according to British adults

The NHS, space travel and Concorde are perceived to be the ‘coolest’ things in the world, according to a poll of 2,000 British adults.

iPhones, astronauts, and vinyl records also ranked highly, along with E-Type Jaguars, the Japanese bullet train and dinosaurs.

And when it comes to the coolest people, James Bond was the top choice, despite being a fictional character.

He featured higher in the list than former US president Barack Obama, heart throb Tom Hardy, icon Steve McQueen and all-round smoothie, Idris Elba.

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