Cooling Solutions

The importance of climate control in data centres

Designed to serve as a centralised location where the purpose of sharing, processing, storing and collecting of data is the main priority, data centres feature several core components that enable them to function efficiently. A data centre centralises just about every single aspect of a company’s IT operation, storing and disseminating information accordingly. Running 24/7, the safety and reliability of websites, email clients, online communities, social media platforms, e-commerce transactions, cloud applications and software are all dependent on a data centre’s uninterrupted functionality.

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Andrews provide the UK’s most famous animals shelter with emergency cooling equipment

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted by a well-known cats and dogs shelter in London. Our client urgently required an effective cooling solution to keep their animals from becoming distressed during the sweltering heatwave that struck during the summer.

A site survey was arranged over the phone and conducted by one of our specialists, who assessed the area’s specifics before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package. This process allowed us to select the most appropriate units for instilling the desired low temperatures required to preserve the general well-being of all animals inside.

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Andrews Chiller Hire provides prestigious Sheffield theatre with emergency cooling arrangement

When a large theatre in Sheffield was in search of an effective cooling solution to replace their chiller after it suffered an unexpected failure, our specialists were quickly on the scene to provide an effective chiller replacement.

The client in question were in their busiest month of business, with a number of sold-out shows scheduled for the following weeks. As a result, Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted and asked to provide a short-term cooling arrangement to help them avoid any cancellations or disruption.

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Andrews provides Hampshire hospital with emergency cooling

When a high-profile hospital located in Hampshire contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of some emergency cooling equipment, our expert team stepped in to ensure the requirement was met.

Our client was experiencing difficulties with their transformers which were overheating and threatening to fail, putting the hospital in serious danger of losing all power. Shortly after initial contact, one of our local specialists visited the site to assess the area’s specifics before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package to instil the desired low temperatures.

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Andrews Sykes provide emergency cooling solution during exam season

An uncomfortably hot working environment at school can negatively impact the concentration levels, productivity and comfort of the students. This is most evident during examination season when increased temperatures cause halls to become hot and stuffy very quickly.

Fortunately for our customers, Andrews Air Conditioning have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of applications within schools, universities and colleges, including lecture theatres, classrooms and exam/sports halls.

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Chiller Hire for Cheese

A major UK cheese event is held every year to raise the profile of British Cheese. Temperature is crucial to preserve the individual wheels of cheese, otherwise it can cause a sweaty reaction and in some extreme cases melting of these dairy products. There are more than 1000 different types of cheeses, each one needs a specific temperature.

When the organisers called Andrews Chiller Hire they specifically asked for a temporary cooling unit to supply cold air for the various stands. Andrews Chiller Hire supplied a 100 kW Fluid Chiller with mobile air handling units to supply cool clean air to the required areas. This highly efficient chiller is used for a multitude of applications where large volumes of cooled air are needed. All the hoses supplied needed to be enclosed within the floor and positioned within the channelled routes in strict accordance with the events team requirements and health and safety regulations.

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Andrews Chiller Hire cool club night in Manchester

Excessive heat conditions in nightclubs can cause many problems for guests, from heat stress to heat exhaustion, fainting and heat stroke. High temperatures fail to meet health and safety standards and therefore when a night club venue in Manchester had temperatures of 40°C, the night club was almost forced to cancel its events unless action was taken. Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted by the event organiser to provide an effective cooling solution. Within 48 hours of receiving the initial call we had surveyed the area, quoted for the hire period, delivered and installed the units.

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Stoptober visits Andrews Sykes Hire London depot

This month a number of determined Andrews Sykes Hire staff have been taking part in ‘Stoptober,’ a brilliant national campaign that aims to encourage smokers to quit the habit for the entire month of October. The campaign supports the principal that if you quit for 4 weeks, you are five times more likely to quit for good. The Charlton Athletic Community Trust who supports the campaign, recently sent two of their advisers to a Andrews Sykes London depot in order to inspire members of the team to actively take part in ‘Stoptober.’

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Chiller Hire Supports Farmers in Agricultural Shows

Agricultural shows provide the perfect opportunity for the farming and livestock industry to showcase their business to the general public; one of the main draws for people to attend these events is the delicious range of locally produced food available and most notably the chance for farmers to display the best of their dairy and beef livestock.

The displaying of cattle provides an opportunity for purchasers to confirm that cattle are well treated. This will boost cattle sales, particularly as prime breeding cows can be worth over thousands of pounds with some fetching six figures sums.

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The Answer My Friend….

Andrews Sykes – helping commuters staying cool in The City

A while back some bright spark at Andrews Sykes had the idea of giving out Japanese style fans to hot and bothered commuters at some of the busier railway stations across London. Obviously a blatant opportunity to promote the brand but equally a chance to provide a modicum of comfort and maybe even a source of amusement for Londoners

The idea was so well received that by popular request we repeated the exercise at the first hint of Summer. When the phrase ‘Barbecue Summer’ was mentioned on the BBC  we got cracking.

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