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What’s been happening in Europe this month? May/June

This month – like every month(!) – our teams across the Group have been actively involved in various projects across Europe, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening:

Full marks to our engineers this exam season
We understand the importance of maintaining an optimal temperature during exams without causing distractions. When the estates team of an all-boys school reached out to us for cooling solutions, we swiftly responded to their needs. Thanks to our Polar Wind units, we were able to efficiently cool the exam rooms while preserving the comfort and concentration of students. We are proud to support the future of the UK through via our reliable solutions, and it won’t be long before we’re providing similar equipment during graduation season!

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Zurich, we are on our way! Second Swiss depot marks rapid expansion!

Following the success of the last few years, the entire Climat Location/Klima Mieten team is proud to announce the opening of a second depot near Zurich.

In recent years, the demand for our rental services in the German-speaking part of Switzerland has increased significantly, so it was time to open our own branch in order to offer a first-class service to customers in this region.

This location – very close to the region’s industrial and office buildings – allows us to have a local presence and to operate even more quickly in Zurich, Baden, Winterthur, St Gallen, Lucerne, Bern and Basel.

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Portable air conditioner helps Swiss chef produce chocolate for medical staff

With lockdown restrictions in place across much of Europe while the continent attempts to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, one man in Switzerland focused his energy on spreading some kindness within his community.

Samuel Müller – a pastry chef from Neuchâtel – used his culinary skills to help bring joy to others after finding himself temporarily unemployed due to the closure of the restaurant he works at. A desire to do something positive in the face of adversity prompted Samuel to manufacture large quantities of homemade chocolate with the intention of delivering the goods to people working at local hospitals.

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Fifth French depot opens for business in Toulouse

Following months of preparation, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new Toulouse depot which allows us to better serve our many customers across the southwest of France. These modern premises are symptomatic of our recent success within the country and give the business a fantastic grounding to drive further growth in the not-too-distant future.

Andrews Sykes Climat Location has seen a noticeable rise in demand for our services throughout the Occitania region and this has traditionally been accommodated by our depots in Lyon and Marseille.

The opening of our Toulouse base therefore gives us a local presence in the area, with our engineers able to quickly reach cities and towns as far afield as Bordeaux thanks to the depot’s location and excellent nearby transport links.

Toulouse enjoys global prominence as a pioneer of aeronautical technology and is home to some of the world’s most renowned companies in this industry. The region also boasts strong GDP growth and is widely regarded as France’s best performing city from an economical standpoint.

These factors, combined with a tangible desire for our services from companies based there, have prompted us to open our fifth depot in France since 2012.

Thomas Vigor, Director of Business Development in Europe, said: “This depot will enable us to offer a first-class level of service to customers and strengthen our market position across the South of France and the country in general.” read more