Chillers Sector – Food & Beverages

Andrews provide chiller equipment to one of the country largest suppliers of fresh fish and seafood

When a chiller breakdown put one of the largest importers of fresh tuna in danger of failing to reach production targets, our chiller specialists were drafted in to provide them with emergency temporary cooling solution.

The seafood supplier in question sources in excess of 30 species of fresh fish and seafood worldwide – delivering them to the biggest supermarkets and restaurants in the UK. It was therefore imperative that they did not lose any of their cooling capacity or valuable stock would be lost.

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Bespoke chiller hire arrangement helps preserve local produce

When planned maintenance works left an award-winning meat company with an excessively warm storage facility, Andrews Chiller Hire was drafted in to provide them with emergency temporary cooling equipment.

The client in question has been locally sourcing and distributing high quality cooked meat to delis and cafes around the UK for a quarter of a century. After their cool storage room was taken offline while general safeguarding was conducted, a temporary cooling solution was necessary to ensure all produce could be safely stored.

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Tailored chiller hire preserves fruit for UK’s largest farming and dairy company

When rising summer temperatures left one of the UK’s largest farming and dairy companies exposed to the risk of losing all of their fruit produce, Andrews Chiller Hire were contacted and asked to resolve the issue immediately.

A local Andrews technician visited the premises to conduct a site survey and recommended an appropriate chiller hire solution off the back of his findings. It was decided that three 100kW fluid chillers and air handling units would provide the required cooling duty to salvage our customer’s hand-picked fruits.

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Major beverage producer kept functional by Andrews Chillers

As with virtually any form of production, there are stringent control standards in place to protect consumers and ensure that goods are of the expected quality. This practice is particularly prevalent in the food and beverage industry, and this lead to an esteemed customer requiring hired air conditioning for a large storage facility when summer temperatures struck.

A lack of ventilation in the bottling area meant that a temporary solution was needed while a modern cooling system was installed on site. The size of the application meant that a 100kW chiller was more suitable than a series of smaller portable units, and this was delivered to the client’s premises less than 24 hours after receiving the enquiry.

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Replacement of R22 refrigerant permanent units

During the shutdown of a distribution warehouse for a major food retailer, a project was planned to swap all R22 refrigerant out of their permanent units. This was ordered by the E.U regulations regarding the potential ozone layer damage. The sheer scale of the warehouse meant that food stocks could not be moved and had to be kept within the storage area, which Andrews Sykes needed to cool.

Ten Fast Chill 90 Low Temperature Chillers was provided to keep the warehouse at a temperature of minus 15 degree Celsius. This effectively preserved the stock while work was being completed during the scheduled shutdown period. All units were placed at high level within the area providing a constant air flow and temperature across the product. The indoor units were connected to an exterior heat exchanger which dissipated the heat from the storage area to atmosphere.

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Chiller Hire for Cheese

A major UK cheese event is held every year to raise the profile of British Cheese. Temperature is crucial to preserve the individual wheels of cheese, otherwise it can cause a sweaty reaction and in some extreme cases melting of these dairy products. There are more than 1000 different types of cheeses, each one needs a specific temperature.

When the organisers called Andrews Chiller Hire they specifically asked for a temporary cooling unit to supply cold air for the various stands. Andrews Chiller Hire supplied a 100 kW Fluid Chiller with mobile air handling units to supply cool clean air to the required areas. This highly efficient chiller is used for a multitude of applications where large volumes of cooled air are needed. All the hoses supplied needed to be enclosed within the floor and positioned within the channelled routes in strict accordance with the events team requirements and health and safety regulations.

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