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Andrews Chillers aid power station closure

The United Kingdom’s sustained effort in finding environmentally-friendly energy sources has played a crucial role in the closing of power stations nationwide. So when one of the country’s largest independently owned generation stations was scheduled to be decommissioned, a once reliable supply of cold water was lost as part of a gradual shutdown programme.

Based in the London area, the plant’s transformers had traditionally been cooled via water pumped from the Thames. However, the initial phase of the decommissioning process led to pipework being removed – meaning the authority in charge had to find another way of cooling vital components on site.

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Nuclear site process cooling

When a nuclear site in Cumbria required emergency cooling to avoid being shut down, they called in Andrews Chiller Hire to provide assistance. The facility’s primary cooling plant failed, which left our client facing massive financial losses unless a solution was provided instantly. A previous contingency visit from an Andrews Sykes technician made it easier to ascertain what equipment would be needed in order to keep the site operating.

A 30kW Fluid Chiller and recirculation pump were delivered and installed within 12 hours of the initial call. The Chiller was modified to the requirements of the client and bypassed their existing faulty chillers and pump set on the site. The client was extremely satisfied with the service and equipment we provided as the temporary cooling equipment ensured production within the site was maintained. Subsequently, the project has led to further cooling requirements on site.

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