Chiller Sector – Hospitals & Healthcare

Andrews Sykes provides cooling solutions for critical medical amenities

At Andrews Sykes, we take great pride in providing first-class chiller hire services to our valued clients. Recently, we received a call from a hospital based in North London, which was in dire need of a reliable and efficient chiller unit. With our proven track record of successfully completing a similar job for a hospital located in southeast London, we were the perfect choice for the job.

The hospital’s current chiller unit was unable to meet their needs, covering all air conditioning units and MRI scanning facilities, making it a critical requirement. With summer approaching, the client contacted us early to ensure that they had no issues before the temperature began to rise. Our team understands the importance of flexibility in customer service, which is why we went above and beyond to provide exceptional service – as we do in every instance.

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Former Ford factory converted into temporary hospital

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a 1950s industrial unit and former car factory in South Wales was transformed into a field hospital as part of a countrywide effort to overcome the virus. The 11,000 square metre site is now a renowned film studio and has undergone a drastic overhaul thanks to Swansea City Council’s collaborative work with various contractors.

Creating space for more than 1,300 beds over a two-phase project, the hospital is now fully operational and may potentially be used even after the effects of coronavirus have subsided. With this likelihood in mind, we were approached by the construction manager and asked to supply hired cooling and heating solutions to ensure that multi-seasonal climate control was available prior to opening.

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Emergency chiller hire keeps vital healthcare amenities online

In hospitals and other healthcare environments, it is absolutely critical that medical equipment is kept at the correct temperature to ensure it remains functional and fit for purpose. When cooling equipment fails, it can have devastating repercussions for operational efficiency and delay patients awaiting much-needed treatment.

One of Kent’s largest hospitals was recently under pressure to source alternative air conditioning when their site chiller broke down without warning. This unforeseen scenario left the facility at risk of being unable to offer the required levels of care to hundreds of patients, meaning an urgent chiller hire solution was needed immediately.

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Andrews Chiller Hire ensure operating theatres remain undisrupted

A hospital in South Wales encountered a chiller failure that if not fixed quickly, could have proved detrimental to the hospital’s services. The Andrews Chiller team arrived on the scene within 4 hours of the call to provide an emergency out of hour’s service so that operations and emergency services were not postponed.  After a specialist engineer prepared the connection points in the building a 200kW fluid chiller was delivered and located in the car park at ground level.

The 200kW temporary fluid chiller can be used for a multitude of applications and is quiet in operation, which was perfect for designated location in the hospital car park. Installation was carried out during the evening when the hospital car park was empty. This caused minimal disruption to the hospital services and patients. As the existing chiller was located in the roof space, this made the application complex, however the Andrews experts came to an efficient and cost effective solution quickly. The hospital was very grateful for the fast response time we provided as disruption was kept to a minimal and emergency services such as operating theatres were kept running as usual.

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