Chiller Sector – Events & Exhibitions

Leisure facility reopens on time thanks to swift chiller hire

When the Government’s recent easing of lockdown restrictions allowed many indoor entertainment premises to reopen, Andrews Air Conditioning was contacted on behalf of a UK-based bingo operator desperately in need of some temporary climate control.

Due to an extensive period of inactivity brought about by enforced closure, compressors on the building’s chillers had failed and left the entire facility without any means of cooling. Our client only became aware of the issue two days before the hall was due to welcome back guests, with the issue uncovered out-of-hours on a Saturday evening.

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Andrews Chiller Hire provides prestigious Sheffield theatre with emergency cooling arrangement

When a large theatre in Sheffield was in search of an effective cooling solution to replace their chiller after it suffered an unexpected failure, our specialists were quickly on the scene to provide an effective chiller replacement.

The client in question were in their busiest month of business, with a number of sold-out shows scheduled for the following weeks. As a result, Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted and asked to provide a short-term cooling arrangement to help them avoid any cancellations or disruption.

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Hotel hosting training courses kept cool during summer

With temperatures for much of June far warmer than they have been in previous years, there has been a prevalent need for more temporary cooling as our clients strive to keep staff and guests cool. And this was certainly true of a highly-regarded guesthouse located in south central England, with the entire premises booked by a major customer for a whole month.

Two large marquees stationed within the grounds were being used for training events, but without air conditioning these would quickly become too hot for people inside.

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