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Andrews Chillers adds new 250kW unit to expansive range

As the country’s largest supplier of specialist chiller solutions, we are constantly looking to upgrade our hire fleet to ensure customers have a broad selection of units to choose from. A longstanding commitment to improving our range and satisfying the demands of clients has prompted us to introduce a new 250kW chiller. Specifically designed for [...]

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East Anglian sewage treatment works kept operational by Andrews Chillers

During the summer heatwave, a large regional water company sought temporary cooling equipment to assist them with reducing the temperatures of their combined heat and power engines. The engines in question are used to generate the electricity and power that runs our client’s sewer treatment system – underlining the importance of them staying online at [...]

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Temporary chiller hire keeps factory operational during heatwave

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently drafted in to assist a global defence contractor after receiving an urgent enquiry for temporary cooling to restore conditions within their factory. During the peak of summer, our client was struggling to control temperatures in their machining workshops, causing production to grind to a halt for safety reasons. Usually operating [...]

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Sewer works in Reading kept online by Andrews Chillers

When one of the country’s largest sewage plants suffered mechanical failure on their processing site, a swift reaction was vital to ensure an environmental health hazard was avoided. Circulation pumps – which push waste water through the works – had begun to falter, and this was attributed to the hot summer weather. If the sewage [...]

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Emergency chiller hire keeps vital healthcare amenities online

In hospitals and other healthcare environments, it is absolutely critical that medical equipment is kept at the correct temperature to ensure it remains functional and fit for purpose. When cooling equipment fails, it can have devastating repercussions for operational efficiency and delay patients awaiting much-needed treatment. One of Kent’s largest hospitals was recently under pressure [...]

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Andrews Chillers replace faulty unit on waste production site

A leading waste-to-product company in the Aylesbury area recently encountered a problem after some site equipment broke down unexpectedly. One of their anaerobic digestion plants stopped functioning at full capacity and consequently began processing waste at 50°C – too hot for the bacteria to produce gas. The company needed to reduce the temperature of waste [...]

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Telecoms provider seeks server room cooling

In recent years, companies delivering broadband and telephony services have become increasingly reliant upon modern hardware and operational technology. Of this, electronic servers are arguably the most important component and perform the requests of numerous programmes within any given organisation. So when these are at risk of overheating, cooling equipment is immediately required to ensure [...]

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International mobile phone company seeks urgent cooling

A global telecommunications company required temporary chiller equipment at their UK headquarters while an existing air conditioning system underwent repair. Extensive maintenance had to be carried out over a two day period, but cooling was needed throughout in order to keep a vital server room online. Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted regarding a solution which [...]

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