Chiller Sector – Communication & IT Rooms

University requires chiller hire during hectic application period

With universities up and down the country preparing for the hectic period in which online applications are submitted by would-be students, the anticipated high volume of data traffic prompted one South Eastern institution to take additional precautions.

The client was concerned about high seasonal temperatures potentially affecting their server room and this was prior to the expected peak on their internal network system.

Exam results were just days away from being revealed, meaning a temporary air conditioning hire was required beforehand to ensure this particular university’s telecommunication services were kept online.

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FM company seeks chiller hire on behalf of government authority

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently contacted by a prominent facilities manager looking to prevent a major client’s data centre from overheating. Our customer was aware that their chillers and condensers were no longer performing as expected, meaning a temporary hire solution was required to allow planned repairs to be carried out.

The client was looking to decommission all three of their chillers over a period of two days but could not have less than two units operating at any given time. This precise requirement necessitated that a team of Andrews engineers worked extremely closely with the site’s fitting team to ensure that sufficient cooling capacities were constantly available during peak loads.

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Andrews help eliminate the risk of a server breakdown

When a multinational telecommunications services company required extra cooling for one of the biggest data centres in the UK, Andrews Chiller Hire was on hand to help.

Our customer was undergoing major maintenance to their existing air conditioning system, but in doing so were required to take the existing units offline – leaving the data centre with inadequate climate control. At this juncture, our chiller specialists were drafted in to provide the client with an effective cooling solution.

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Bespoke chiller hire arrangement keeps data centre online

As a company with a vast experience of designing customised cooling solutions for data centres, Andrews Chiller Hire are often the first port of call for companies looking to protect vital hardware. Our aptitude for proposing tailored air conditioning arrangements at short notice is a primary factor in us being established as one of the industry’s most reliable suppliers.

The speed with which we react to emergency callouts has been highlighted on countless occasions, including recently when an engineering consultancy sought assistance with keeping their own server room online. Rising summer temperatures had left the entire facility exposed to the risk of breaking down due to overheating, so we were contacted and asked to resolve the issue immediately.

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International firm kept functional by Andrews Chillers

As the dependency on computer hardware continues to rise among large organisations, it has become more and more important for said equipment to be kept online at all times. So when a well-known global company suffered air conditioning failure in its Milton Keynes data room, a solution was required urgently.

A leak discovered one Saturday afternoon prevented pipework from carrying chiller water to the air handlers on site. This problem led to the whole air conditioning system being decommissioned and threatened to cost thousands of pounds in lost productivity. Blade servers used inside the facility house multiple components meaning that although space is conserved, this particular piece of hardware gives off approximately 40% more heat than traditional alternatives.

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Telecoms provider seeks server room cooling

In recent years, companies delivering broadband and telephony services have become increasingly reliant upon modern hardware and operational technology. Of this, electronic servers are arguably the most important component and perform the requests of numerous programmes within any given organisation.

So when these are at risk of overheating, cooling equipment is immediately required to ensure vital computers remain online. One of Europe’s largest telecommunications businesses was faced with this possibility at its Berkshire-based data centre, meaning an instant solution was needed.

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Contractors in need of Andrews Chiller Hire

Consulting engineers often contact Andrews Sykes Hire concerning their client’s needs and frequently request bespoke cooling packages from Andrews extensive range of chiller hire equipment. This was the case when an engineering company specialising in the mechanical and electrical trade contacted Andrews Chiller Hire. The client’s site, located in Plymouth, was tasked with replacing the existing air handling units and required temporary cooling equipment to supply chilled air to support the data centre during the replacement programme.

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