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Andrews helps production company film underwater scenes for TV programme

Over the years, there have been many iconic underwater scenes featured in films and television series – but have you ever thought about the many components that go into capturing some of these eye-catching panoramic moments?

Shooting a film in a conventional set is challenging enough and made even more difficult when characters are submerged. How do you make these clips look convincing or plausible? First thing’s first: how do you entice some of the world’s biggest film stars to partake in scenes that presumably involve spending countless hours immersed in freezing cold water?

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New road trailer boiler improves emergency response times

We are excited to introduce a new innovation that changes the temporary boiler landscape, providing customers with an instantly connectable lightweight unit mounted upon a high-speed trailer that can be towed by any medium sized vehicle.

Originally trialled in 2019, our newly developed Rapid Response Boiler received an excellent response among customers which prompted us to commit to a significant investment of additional units both in the UK and in Europe.

This unit has been specifically manufactured for boiler maintenance and facilities management companies, providing an immediate solution to emergencies including boiler failure and breakdown. The Rapid Response Boiler will generally sit within a maintenance company’s facility or yard in readiness for an urgent requirement and can be hitched to a small van or medium sized car for swift delivery to site.

By deploying the boiler in this way, our clients can restore their customer’s facility almost immediately with a heating capacity of up to 100kW. This also allows potentially lengthier requirements to be assessed until a longer-term solution can be established.

The product ensures there is no need for a dedicated delivery vehicle, the use of tachographs or perhaps most crucially, additional staff resources.

Our Rapid Response Boiler can be collected, attached and deployed by a single person, with its Storz couplings simplifying the connection process which enables the unit to be operational within minutes of arrival on site.

An internal fuel tank allows the unit to operate at full capacity continuously for up to 11 hours, making it the perfect solution for urgent heating and hot water applications where swift action is essential.

Commonly used by boiler maintenance companies, the Rapid Response unit has been designed for a range of environments including care homes, hospitals, schools, utilities, sports centres, factories and offices. The unit can be positioned almost anywhere due to its compact frame and moveable chassis.

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Swimming pool requires boiler

At Andrews Boilers, we are widely experienced in providing our customers with replacement equipment without impacting on their continued operation. When breakdowns occur and heating systems have to be shut down for maintenance purposes, we offer short-term installations which can bypass existing systems without causing disruption. There is never a good time for a boiler to fail but when it happens, our technicians are on hand to offer guidance and recommend solutions based on the unique requirements of your application.

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Southend United players kept warm by Andrews Boilers

When Southend United players returned from a four day training camp in Portugal last week, they found their training ground out of action. The heating and hot water at the facility had failed while they were abroad, leaving the club facing the prospect of being unable to prepare for upcoming League Two fixtures.

Andrews Boiler Hire was contacted to provide a temporary solution, and a technician visited the site to undertake a full assessment. A 100kW oil fired heater was proposed and delivered within 24 hours of the initial call, enabling the club’s training regime to restart this week.

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Andrews Boilers heat leisure centre in Devon

One of the UK’s largest property services companies contacted Andrews Boilers in regards to hiring a boiler for a leisure centre in Devon. A temporary boiler was required to maintain the water temperature in the swimming pool as well as provide the heating and hot water supply during a planned maintenance programme. An Andrews Sykes dedicated boiler specialist proposed the use of a 500kW packaged boiler powered by the existing natural gas supply. The 500kW temporary boiler comes complete with heating and domestic hot water heat exchangers and was perfectly suited for this application. The boiler was installed and running within 2 hours of delivery so that minimal disruption was caused to the pool opening times for the public.

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