Boiler Sector – Schools and Education

Adapted boiler hire provides hot water for university accommodation

Prior to welcoming students back to campus, a leading international university in Wales undertook a number of routine maintenance procedures to ensure the premises was ready for the new semester. While carrying out this process, a scheduled plant assessment uncovered that one boiler unit was condemned and another very close to breaking down.

Fortunately, the issue was detected early enough to avoid any potential boiler-related emergency shutdowns and allow replacement equipment to be sourced and installed while the faulty units were repaired.

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University building seeks Andrews Boiler Hire

According to regulatory guidelines, educational authorities have a duty to ensure that student campus areas and learning facilities meet a minimum temperature requirement of 18⁰C. This is said to be the optimal temperature to support studying, as set out in the Education School Premises Regulations standards. Failure to meet these requirements can impact both students and lecturers, with energy and concentration levels potentially affected if conditions aren’t closely controlled.

So, when a university in Bedfordshire encountered a crippling boiler failure resulting in a complete loss of heating and hot water in one of their buildings, a replacement was immediately required. The area in question is constantly in use throughout the day, meaning a temporary boiler hire unit was needed urgently to ensure classrooms and IT suites could remain operational.

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Andrews Boilers enable students to occupy Scottish university campus

When a college in Kilmarnock required a temporary boiler on site to keep students warm during the construction of a new build, Andrews Boilers was urgently called in to provide a temporary substitute.

After a site visit had been conducted, our recommendation was to supply the client with a 500kW boiler hire unit along with a 2000 litre fuel tank, enabling extensive periods of operation once the equipment had been set up on site.

 Ongoing works in the area prevented our unit from being deployed in the designated plant room, but one of our engineers were able to identify an alternative location a short distance away. The restrictions we faced when positioning our boiler presented a challenge that we managed to overcome, resulting in us rerouting the flue.

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Andrews Boilers ensure Medway-based primary school opens on time

The 2012 Education Regulations stipulate that all school buildings are subject to strict standards set out to protect both pupils and staff. Whilst there is no prescribed maximum temperature, health and safety measures outline that classrooms and indoor facilities must be at least 16°C at all times. So when a newly-constructed school in Kent was in danger of failing to meet this guideline, immediate action was taken by the chief contractor.

The school was being built as part of a wider housing development but was delayed due to difficulties with sourcing a reliable gas supply. Without it, a heating system could not be commissioned which in turn would cause an indefinite postponement to the opening of a vital educational institution.

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Andrews Boilers assist leading UK university

Having provided schools, universities and similar institutions with boiler services and temporary equipment over a number of years, we are now firmly established as the first port of call when requirements arise in the educational sector.

Our market-leading position was once again reinforced when one of the country’s top universities – based in the East Midlands area – approached Andrews Boilers in search of a solution. An existing district heating system was failing to keep water at a desirable temperature, meaning replacement equipment was urgently needed on site.

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University campus provided with temporary heating and hot water

Over the last few years, Andrews Boilers have developed longstanding relationships with local authorities and educational institutions right across the country. This has allowed us to enhance our understanding of sector requirements and how best to combat a multitude of potential problems.

So when an accommodation block at a university in the South West failed shortly before the opening semester, a temporary replacement was required immediately. A new boiler install had been scheduled but an alternative was needed to ensure domestic hot water and heating were available to incoming students.

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A University Challenge for Andrews Boiler Hire

During the summer break at a major UK University it was decided that maintenance work needed to be carried out in preparation for the return of new students in September. Work was commenced on the main heating pipework that also provides hot water for residents. The first challenge was to make sure that there was minimum disruption to the remaining residents on the campus and that their supply of heating and hot water was maintained. Andrews Boiler Hire was called to provide a temporary heating solution for the remaining residents. Our professional engineers installed two 500kW boilers and one fuel tank that provided a fast and efficient solution to the building that required heating and hot water. These packaged boilers are housed in sturdy, vandal proof containers that are thermally insulated, safe and efficient.

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