Boiler Sector – Events

Andrews Boilers provide tailored heating hire solution for medicine society

By understanding the implications of heating failure and the implications it might have on a corporate event, Andrews Boilers are determined to move quickly and restore this vital provision to ensure the reputation of our customer is never tarnished.

So when one of the country’s senior medical education bodies suffered a complete breakdown in the build-up to their biggest event, Andrews Boilers were called in at short notice and asked to provide a suitable boiler hire solution.

The lack of available space made it difficult for us to deliver and install a 100kW boiler. However, our experts were able to recommend the use of five 22kW temporary electric boilers, which could be fitted discreetly out of hours and ensure our client still had the required heating and hot water capacities.

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Temporary arena in London requires replacement heating

With cold weather in the capital threatening to mar a series of parties scheduled during the run-up to Christmas, an immediate solution was needed to ensure these could proceed as planned.

Our response to the issue was to deliver a 500 kW packaged boiler, bunded fuel tank, air handling units and portable heaters. The boiler was deployed outside the main structure, with hoses connected to a series of air handlers located indoors.

Several DE25 and DE95 electric heaters were set-up backstage to ensure conditions within the changing areas and cloakroom were warm enough for guests and performers. These were then supplemented by three over-door heaters – ensuring temperatures were kept at the desired level throughout.

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