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Anaerobic digestion site requires Andrews Boiler Hire

The failure or breakdown of a boiler system can have a significant effect on the day-to-day operation of an anaerobic digestion plant, which is why planned maintenance must be carried out regularly. The anaerobic digestion process relies on the availability of supplementary heat in order to reach optimum conditions, meaning the absence of higher temperatures [...]

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Emergency boiler hire keeps navy base operational

When one of the country’s most prominent naval bases suffered a leak on their district mains system, the facilities management company responsible for the site contacted us in search of an emergency boiler hire solution. The client became aware of our services some time ago after our local territory sales manager visited site to promote [...]

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Andrews provide short-term boiler rental for local town hall

At Andrews Boilers, we take pride in providing our customers with vital heating amenities in the event of a system failure. So, when an existing boiler system was struggling to maintain a desirable temperature inside a local town hall, our specialists were contacted and asked to provide equipment to improve conditions. A short-term boiler rental [...]

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Andrews launch largest boiler hire unit yet

In major projects where large capacities of hot water are required on one site, it has generally led to a number of boilers being required to ensure demand is met. Andrews Boilers have identified this issue and we are now delighted to add our newest and largest unit to an already comprehensive hire fleet. The [...]

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Andrews provide replacement boiler following breakdown

In an attempt to accommodate ever-increasing demand for affordable housing in East London, several local authorities ordered the construction of extra properties in its surrounding areas. However, problems arose when the newly-built houses were added to a district heating system that was already operating close to capacity. The circuit had been overexerted for several months [...]

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Leading water company remain operational courtesy of Andrews Boilers

In the modern day, organisations across a full spectrum of sectors are looking for ways to curb energy costs wherever possible. Water companies, for example, spend an average of £1 million per year on electricity – one of their most significant overheads. There are several ways in which a proportion of this expenditure can be [...]

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Emergency boiler replacement keeps major IT consultant functional

When a boiler breaks down or loses effectiveness, a rapid response to the issue will help keep your building operational. Failure to address the situation quickly can have far-reaching implications for everyday businesses – including revenue loss. In December 2015, one of the UK’s biggest players in the IT sector suffered unexpected boiler failure at [...]

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Andrews keep care home functional despite boiler breakdown

By understanding the implications of heating failure in a healthcare environment, Andrews Boilers are driven to move quickly and restore this vital provision to ensure the continued safety of patients and vulnerable people. So when a residential care home in Sittingbourne suffered complete breakdown following periods of sporadic malfunctions, we received an emergency enquiry for [...]

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Historic bathroom retailer requires urgent boiler replacement

When one of the UK’s oldest bath manufacturers underwent a major site revamp, a serious construction error left premises without hot water and heating. It was intended for parts of the factory deemed surplus to requirements to be carefully demolished, but workmen on the site inadvertently cut through a gas main while carrying out this [...]

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Andrews Boilers ensure prisoner relocation effort is avoided

As with all forms of temporary accommodation, prison cells are subjected to stringent health and safety regulations with direct repercussions if anticipated standards are not maintained. Legislation set out by the Prison Service Instruction sets out the required arrangements for this particular field and this helps ensure living conditions are scrutinised to a certain degree. [...]

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