boiler breakdown

Playing our part in ensuring you get your dinner this Christmas!

At Andrews Sykes, our aim is to be exceptional in everything we do. When it comes to our customers, we believe it should be an industry-standard to provide a quick and professional service no matter how big or small the project is.

Empathy is a key reason behind this; we try to understand the urgency of each enquiry and produce quick solutions.

This week, a client urgently required a 500kW boiler for their food production line – and the survey and installation were completed within 24 hours of the enquiry!

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Kent spa suffers major boiler breakdown

A popular Kentish spa recently suffered a major boiler failure after four of their main units broke down on site during a busy day. This caused considerable issues at the resort and meant the availability of hot water was lost, affecting their swimming pools, jacuzzi facility and showers.

The management team at the well-known spa attempted to get permanent boiler replacements on the same day, which proved unsuccessful. They then contacted Andrews Boilers Hire for assistance as they needed to re-open the establishments for customers who had paid – meaning a stand-in solution was imperative.

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Leisure centre in Gloucestershire seeks replacement heating

When a leisure centre in Cheltenham suffered a sudden boiler breakdown, a temporary alternative was required while this was being repaired. The client was expecting a busy weekend, so an immediate hire solution was sought to ensure it could accommodate a large number of visitors.

After ascertaining the application’s size and dimensions via telephone, a member of our contact centre was able to recommend an appropriate heating unit. A single ESH20/40 electric model was subsequently proposed, and this was delivered and installed within hours of the initial enquiry.

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