Andrews Ventilation

Andrews Ventilation provide fan cooling for retail store

During the warmer months of the year, Andrews are busy providing retail customers up and down the country with cooling solutions to suit their application. Among our client base is one of the UK’s leading health and beauty companies, who have stores nationwide.

Each summer, they contact us seeking a suitable cooling fan rental arrangement for one of their flagship stores in north London. This type of unit is perfect for the environment as no moisture is produced – which could be potentially harmful for the longevity and quality of some of the products sold.

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Local newsroom requires ventilation for underground demolition

When a building is demolished or structurally altered, it is vitally important that a ventilation system is in place to ensure areas with restricted air flow are safe for people working on site. The planned removal of walls four floors below the ground level of a multi-story site was therefore dependent on our intervention.

Andrews Ventilation was tasked with providing a regular flow of fresh air throughout the area whilst also removing air that had been contaminated by industrial equipment. The purpose of the demolition was to remove concrete pillars, pipes and obsolete metalwork as part of refurbishment to the lower levels of the building.

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Andrews Ventilation assist the renovation of a listed theatre building

When the York Theatre Royal closed its doors in March 2015 to complete a major renovation project, it was originally expected to reopen ahead of the Christmas pantomime season. However, an extraordinary discovery by archaeologists – the foundations of a large hospital built in the Middle Ages – meant that construction was delayed.

The application itself was a Grade II listed building and had not been refurbished since the 1960s, despite retaining much popularity among people in the county. Several parts of the facility required improvement, including enlarging the entrance foyer, modernising stalls and adding a new roof to replace ageing tiles.

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Japanese TV show require ventilation fans for demonstration

The cast of a popular Japanese television programme – Sekai de Bakauke – recently travelled to the Netherlands to film an episode, with producers hoping to capture certain features of Dutch society.

The country is well-known for its traditional bicycle culture and this was something the screening director was keen to portray as part of an experiment.  This particular show paid special attention to what the people of Japan consider a groundbreaking development – the electric bicycle.

In order to help convey the difference between an ordinary bike and an electronic equivalent, Andrews Ventilation was asked to provide equipment that would help create a wind tunnel.  The video above shows an actor ride each vehicle towards fans on full power, with amusing results!

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International boat festival requires ventilation fans for sailing activities

In the events industry especially, Andrews Ventilation Hire are extremely accustomed to accommodating unusual requirements for one-off projects. Our ability to design solutions based on specific needs has seen us provide units for a broad range of applications, including a world-famous annual boat show in the Netherlands.

Although the majority of the event took place in the quays of Amsterdam Marina, indoor venues were also used so that children could learn how to surf and sail on small boats. In order to replicate normal open water conditions, organisers sought a powerful ventilation solution that would aid movement and more closely resemble an outdoor environment.

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Andrews Dehumidification Hire aid sports complex construction

When the construction of a major sporting complex in Utrecht seemed in danger of being delayed, a solution was required immediately to ensure the build was ready in time. A key phase of the project involved laying a new wooden floor covering an area of approximately 7,500m², but before this could commence it was essential that all concrete walls and plaster surfaces were completely dried.

The leading contractor had become increasingly concerned that a fast-approaching deadline would not be met, leading Andrews Dehumidification Hire to be contacted about providing some temporary equipment. Our responsibility was to propose an arrangement that would quicken drying times without causing delicate materials to crack or swell.

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Automotive company call Andrews Ventilation Hire for extraction solution

In the present day, industrial and engineering processes are subject to strict production standards designed to protect operatives working on site. These legal requirements outline a series of health and safety standards companies must adhere to, meaning appropriate steps are immediately taken when compliance is in jeopardy.

This was the scenario an international automobile firm found themselves in after their production line encountered difficulties. They were attempting to strip a large battery which would directly lead to metal particles and dust being released into the working environment. This situation created an urgent need for a temporary ventilation system in order to avoid the dangers of operatives inhaling contaminated air. At this stage, Andrews Ventilation Hire were contacted to help find a practical solution.

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Andrews provide ventilation hire solution at a hydroelectric power plant

Before building contractors could oversee the renovation of a tunnel in a hydroelectric power plant, a reliable source of ventilation was required on site. Covering almost 1000 metres, the tunnel was extremely prone to poor air circulation despite the presence of large holes at 180 metre intervals.

Like in many similar instances, the air was at risk of becoming too dangerous for workmen because of the large quantities of dust and dirt produced inside the shaft. This air is extremely toxic if not effectively tackled, leading to purity levels falling well below those outlined in relevant health and safety laws. 

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Sewage treatment operatives kept safe by Andrews Ventilation

In waste treatment facilities especially, it is absolutely critical that hazardous gases produced within the plants are removed to ensure conditions are safe for those on site. The build-up of methane in particular can have potentially fatal implications if not addressed immediately, so a calculated arrangement of ventilation fans is essential to carefully eliminate possible dangers.

When maintenance is carried out in such hazardous surroundings, Personal Protective Equipment alone cannot guarantee the wellbeing of those working within them. Confined spaces pose a very prominent risk – particularly when high levels of toxic gas are present – but Andrews Ventilation are experienced in providing solutions that, when deployed, help create appropriate conditions.

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Andrews keep children’s play area cool during summer

Although temporary air conditioning is generally considered the go-to solution when hot weather strikes, a tailored ventilation fan arrangement can be equally as effective in certain applications. So when a leading independent engineering provider contacted us on behalf of a client, we reacted quickly to help alleviate the issue with minimal fuss.

Our customer was looking for some emergency hire equipment to be deployed within a large children’s play area which had begun to overheat when seasonal temperatures rose sharply. After surveying the area, an Andrews technician weighed up all the options available and decided that commissioning a series of ASF21 ventilation fans would be the best course of action.

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