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Product of the month – January

ID65 Indirect Fired Oil Heater

We’re kicking off 2023 with another product of the month – and this time it’s our fully portable ID65 Indirect Fired Oil Heater.

With construction sites now open again after the Christmas break, we’ve noticed an immediate increase in demand for high capacity heating solutions.

That’s where our practical and robust ID65 unit comes in. It has a nominal heating duty of 65kW, making it the ideal solution for industrial surroundings and applications of up to 1,625m³ in size.

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Sykes Pumps release new Minivac eco product video

As part of a continued effort to improve our website and provide customers with more information, we have begun to create a series of new product videos – the most recent of which reintroduces our popular Minivac eco pump.

This particular production includes almost two minutes of footage outlining the key features and benefits of our latest pump. Its simplistic format offers views a digestible breakdown of the various applications the pump is suitable for, in addition to a number of unique characteristics not available in similar competitor models.

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New 50th anniversary video launched on our Youtube channel

We are excited to announce that a commemorative video will now appear on the company’s Youtube page, as well as on our website. The twenty-minute film was captured earlier in the year and gives a chronological account of Andrews’ growth over the past half a century.

The production itself predominantly features founder John Andrews, who narrates his recollection of the organisation’s development up until his retirement in the late 1980s. Captured in Wolverhampton – just a short distance from our headquarters – Mr. Andrews speaks freely and honestly about the challenges he faced and overcame during the business’ inaugural period.

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