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Celebrating dual promotions in our HVAC Internal Sales Team!

Today, it is with great pleasure we can announce the promotions of Laura Capp and Elissa Appleby-Mason, who have assumed the roles of HVAC Internal Sales Supervisor and HVAC Internal Sales Team Leader respectively.

Laura joined us as an Internal Sales Advisor a little under two years ago, and quickly made an impression among her peers and superiors. Laura has a strong sales background and has been integral to the success we have enjoyed since her arrival.

Speaking shortly after the announcement, Laura said: “I am very grateful to be recognised by the company and have the privilege to work with such a great team. I’m confident we can achieve even more as a group and am excited to contribute towards that.”

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Andrews Sykes: Our People

Company culture matters. The ethos of an organisation is shaped by the people who work there, and we’re very proud of our traditions and values at Andrews Sykes.

Each member of our team plays a vital role in not only helping us deliver first-class solutions to customers, but in ensuring that we offer an inviting, vibrant and enjoyable place to work.

But why does this all matter? Well, it’s quite simple!

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Andrews Sykes independently certified for continued emission reduction

As a company that has actively acknowledged the importance of sustainability for many years, we are constantly striving to cut our carbon footprint wherever possible.

It therefore gives us great pride to see that our efforts have been recognised by the Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) following a recent audit. For the past seven years, CEMARS assessors have visited our Birmingham office and examined utility bills, staff travel, fuel usage and other factors that contribute towards the production of greenhouse emissions.

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Our new website is now up and running!

We are excited to introduce our new website, which has been designed to improve customer experiences by simplifying navigational processes to help visitors find the information they are looking for more quickly.

Our decision to upgrade and modernise was driven by a desire to make our website more user-friendly, with a particular focus on enhancing its appearance and responsiveness.

The inclusion of a sophisticated search functionality directs customers to browse based on their required product, industry and location, providing instant and relevant results tailored to each individual request.

We have made significant changes to the way in which information is presented, with textual content concisely broken down to ensure it is easy to understand and absorb.

Engaging visuals, videos and photography complement written material to give each page an orderly and uncluttered feel, providing users with a more serene experience when using our website. The use of strong images also allows customers to ascertain whether they have found whatever they are looking for at a glance, negating the need to scan text that might not be applicable to them.

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New corporate video added to our website

We are happy to introduce a short video that gives our customers a greater insight into the scale of the company’s operationality, our impressive heritage and the industries in which we work. The production gives viewers a brief overview of the Andrews Sykes Group and references our many locations across Europe and the Middle East. read more

University building seeks Andrews Boiler Hire

According to regulatory guidelines, educational authorities have a duty to ensure that student campus areas and learning facilities meet a minimum temperature requirement of 18⁰C. This is said to be the optimal temperature to support studying, as set out in the Education School Premises Regulations standards. Failure to meet these requirements can impact both students and lecturers, with energy and concentration levels potentially affected if conditions aren’t closely controlled.

So, when a university in Bedfordshire encountered a crippling boiler failure resulting in a complete loss of heating and hot water in one of their buildings, a replacement was immediately required. The area in question is constantly in use throughout the day, meaning a temporary boiler hire unit was needed urgently to ensure classrooms and IT suites could remain operational.

Having used our services previously, the facilities manager responsible for sourcing climate control equipment contacted Andrews Boiler Hire and asked us to provide a solution in as quick a timeframe as possible. Following a site survey, our specialist decided that the installation of a 300kW boiler would provide the required duty for the application in question.

This was accompanied by all necessary accessories including hoses, fittings and a fuel tank. Our unit was installed outside the building, with hoses fed directly into the university’s plant room to connect to their system. Thanks to our swift response, the client was able to keep the building open and avoid having to cancel lectures and classes despite suffering an untimely breakdown. Our boiler remained on hire for a total of four weeks and was only decommissioned after the client had completed the repair of their original unit.


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Anaerobic digestion site requires Andrews Boiler Hire

The failure or breakdown of a boiler system can have a significant effect on the day-to-day operation of an anaerobic digestion plant, which is why planned maintenance must be carried out regularly. The anaerobic digestion process relies on the availability of supplementary heat in order to reach optimum conditions, meaning the absence of higher temperatures has a detrimental impact on how microbes are harnessed to manage waste, produce fuels, or both.

When a biodigester on a farm in Devon undertook maintenance of its existing boiler systems on site, a temporary boiler hire solution was required to ensure normal levels of fermentation were maintained throughout. Our client uses microorganisms to break down biodegradable material on an industrial scale, converting farm waste and slurries into renewable energy.

An Andrews engineer visited the client’s site to perform a survey to gain a better perspective of the application, including the best place for us to position a replacement boiler. The customer’s maintenance programme was scheduled to last for between four and six weeks and begin as soon as possible, rendering a quick response necessary. By assessing the site’s requirements in person, our regional expert was able to ascertain the required heating capacities – prompting the installation of a 500kW boiler unit the very next day.

A 3000-litre fuel tank was also delivered and connected to the boiler, with a tank of this size deliberately chosen to ensure our unit could operate continuously for extensive periods. Our boiler was connected to the client’s existing pipework, allowing their original unit to be decommissioned for further inspection. The solution we supplied enabled a seamless changeover and helped minimise disruption on a major energy production site, which was a greatly satisfying outcome from the customer’s perspective.

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Andrews Sykes invest in senior management team

Understanding the importance of a driven and committed workforce is fundamental to the long-term success of any company.

This is an outlook firmly held at Andrews Sykes, and one of the many reasons we are so keen to invest in our staff whenever possible.

As a result, we have extended our senior management team to ensure the business continues to flourish – promoting internally in some cases and appointing external candidates in others.

New HR manager Andrew Timmins joined us in March and cited his previous experience of dealing with Andrews as a key factor in him coming on board.

He said: “In a previous job, my firm would use Andrews’ products in cross-hires. The reason we chose them [us] as a supplier was because of their reputation – even back then – as a customer-focused company delivering high quality products and leading the way.”

Nigel Tasker arrived around the same time as Andrew and has taken up a Group IT Director role off the back of fifteen years’ experience in the sector.

Objectives have already been drawn up, and Nigel has been quick to familiarise himself with the business and what needs to be added during his tenure.

Speaking earlier in March, he said: “My philosophy is that we are a service to the business, so it’s up to us to make solutions available wherever necessary. I’ve been very impressed with our UK systems and hope to streamline these further before expanding them to Europe. This will help us, our customers – everyone really!”

A theme of Andrews’ growth has been our ability to adapt to industry changes and ensure we are always in a position to accommodate unique customer demands.

Recently promoted to Divisional Director of Scotland, Murray Stewart’s eleven years here have had a huge impact on our development north of the border which he expects to continue going forward.

He said: “Some of the biggest challenges we face are acclimatising to an everchanging market but still staying one step ahead of the game. We’re good at that. We’ve led the way on all sorts of issues, from environmental compliance to energy efficiency, and that’s something we should be proud of.

“In the last twelve months alone, we’ve had to extend our team and vehicle fleet by more than 20% in each case in Scotland to ensure we stay on top of demand. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing our branding and equipment on site, which is happening regularly. That shows we’re doing well.

A ‘can do’ culture undeniably exists among our staff and this is something we’re immensely proud of. Indeed, the desire to communicate and cooperate with colleagues is something people regularly comment on when they visit our depots – as David Mahon points out.

Now Regional Director of the North, David is adamant that this unique working environment has more than played its part in our success over the years.

He said: “Although we’re a PLC, the company really has a family feel about it – and that’s down to the people that work here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to a labourer or a senior director, everyone has time for you. It’s not like that everywhere.

“Andrews is different to other organisations in the sense that here, our people are empowered and actively encouraged to go out and make a difference. That’s what we try to do every single day.”

These sentiments have already been endorsed by Mark Page, our new Southern Regional Director, who has been quick to pick up on the positive attitude of those working alongside him.

Mark said: “My first impression of the company is that we’ve got some excellent people here. There’s a genuine spirit among staff which seems to breed a far greater deal of cooperation than I’m used to, whether that be between people from different departments or even different depots.

“It’s also amazing to see the number of long-serving people still working at Andrews Sykes, and shows the company must be doing things properly. It’s a cliché, but there aren’t many organisations that can boast such an experienced and loyal workforce. Everyone is so committed to the cause, and I think that’s clear to see.”

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Andrews Sykes’ West Sussex hire depot now open for business

Our new West Sussex hire depot is now officially open for business and ready to serve customers across the county.

For many years, Andrews Sykes have been developing relationships with partners based in West Sussex to such an extent that we feel now is the right time to open a dedicated branch to serve the area. This strategically chosen depot will give us a much greater localised presence and allow us to quickly reach customers across Gatwick, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Lewes, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, the South Downs and many other towns.

We are a 15-minute drive from Gatwick Airport and Brighton city centre and have deliberately chosen a location that is situated near to several major road links.

The company is very keen to enhance our profile throughout West Sussex and we welcome the opportunity to connect with existing and new clients going forward. As part of a wider strategy, we have recruited several new members of staff to handle local operations including engineers, drivers and a depot manager.

As with all Andrews Sykes depots, our West Sussex branch stocks a full range of air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, chillers, boilers and pumps for hire to ensure clients from all sectors are provided for.

David Himsworth, UK Director of Operations, said: “This depot provides us with a fantastic opportunity to deliver an enhanced level of service to those based in the immediate vicinity and beyond. We’re confident this strategic decision will strengthen our market position in the South East and enable us to cut response times in situations where immediate attention is required.”

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Andrews Sykes to open West Sussex hire depot

It is with great delight that we announce the opening of a new hire depot in West Sussex, which will be ready for business straight after Easter.

Andrews Sykes have enjoyed significant volumes of commercial activity in West Sussex and opening a new branch within the region itself will enable us to offer an even better service to our customers based there. Having a more localised presence will be of great benefit to clients located nearby and dramatically reduce response times on emergency callouts.

Our West Sussex branch will, as with all Andrews Sykes depots, stock a full range of air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, chillers, boilers and pumps for hire to ensure customers from all industries are suitably accommodated.

David Himsworth, UK Director of Operations, said: “This depot provides us with a fantastic opportunity to deliver an enhanced level of service to those based in the immediate vicinity and beyond. We’re confident this strategic decision will strengthen our market position in the South East and enable us to cut response times in situations where immediate attention is required.”

To ensure operations are effectively coordinated at all times, we have recruited new engineers, drivers and a new depot manager. This close-knit team has been assembled with a view to being expanded further when demand necessitates.

We’re very excited about increasing our profile in West Sussex, and look forward to dealing with businesses across the breadth of the county going forward. Being situated just 15 minutes away from Gatwick Airport and Brighton gives us the perfect vantage point from which to handle regional enquiries.

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