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What has happened in Europe this summer?

Quick response prevents server room overheating
When a chiller unexpectedly failed at a data centre on Neeltje Jans island, temperatures began to rise rapidly inside critical server rooms. Our team promptly arrived within 4 hours to evaluate the situation and supply an effective cooling hire package. The swift deployment of AC units helped stabilise the environment and averted disruption to regional lock management operations.

Customised cooling for historic gala venue
With extreme temperatures looming, advanced planning was critical to keep guests comfortable at a VIP political dinner in a historic lakefront château near Geneva. Given the site’s unique architecture and power constraints, a customised arrangement was required. Using extensive expertise designing bespoke temporary climate solutions, we strategically installed specialised rooftop fans to maintain continuous airflow throughout the prestigious event.

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What’s been happening in Europe this Month? (World Cup Edition)


In the UK, it is our social media channels that have been receiving the plaudits! Out of our amazing line-up, we have awarded the golden boot to our TikTok page – after recently going viral and hitting more than 100k views in one video! Click the hyperlinks below and make sure you follow us on all channels! We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.


In Italy, our colleagues at Nolo Climat have finally let one of our newest players off the bench to make their debut. We are of course referring to our new submersible pumps, and it is with great delight that we announce that some of these are now out on hire! Quite fittingly, a sporting association needed to move water from one pond to another, prompting an enquiry and our first official pump order.

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What’s been happening in Europe this month?


Our Italian branch, Nolo Climat, has been showing its passion for fashion by maintaining momentum from their work at the Milan fashion week in September. Our specialists in Italy proposed a heating solution for an exclusive footwear brand’s showroom, in one of the most exclusive locations in Milan. After a thorough inspection of the building, our FH185 DV models were identified as the optimal heating solution for the showroom and surrounding spaces. Four heaters will remain on site until December, along with diesel tanks that are equipped with a remote level management system that allows fuel levels to be viewed through a mobile app.

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Andrews’ engineers heralded following successful installation for major Belgian TV broadcaster!

There’s no better indicator of our aptitude than clients taking the trouble to point it out – and we must admit, it’s very nice to hear!

Our team in Belgium were grateful to receive another positive testimonial earlier this week, after a potentially disastrous situation was resolved.

One of the country’s largest TV and radio stations suffered an unexpected cooling outage, leaving a large server room at the mercy of the elements.

The multinational utilities company responsible for the building’s maintenance requirements quickly got in touch with our Belgian colleagues, with the severity of the issue communicated in no uncertain terms.

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Second Belgian depot opens for business

With business thriving in Belgium and the need to expand becoming increasingly apparent last year, it is with great delight that I announce the opening of a second depot – this time in Aartselaar, in the province of Antwerp.

This modern property will be crucial to supporting our continued development in the country and fits all criteria outlined in our long-term strategy.

Officially opened earlier this month, the depot is a newly constructed building prominently located in a vibrant commercial district.

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