Andrews Dehumidification Sector – Water Damage

Andrews provides office canteen with drying rental solution following flood

When burst pipework at a large Fleet Street office building caused a communal canteen area to flood, the mechanical services company responsible for the premises contacted us in search of some hired drying equipment. Although the damaged pipework had been addressed, there were concerns that the subsequent flooding could affect the interior’s surfaces unless restoration could begin immediately.

The incident occurred towards the end of the working week, presenting us with an ideal window over the weekend to tackle the issue while the building was unoccupied. Naturally, much of the dampness was by now beneath the floor as water had seeped through. This could have been problematic, but the client decided to cut a series of holes in the floor itself to ensure that the void below was dried properly. Failure to do so may have compromised timber joists and increased the likelihood of mould growing, so it was crucial that the whole area was desiccated.

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Emergency drying solution gets pharmaceutical manufacturer back on track

Unprecedented levels of rainfall across South Wales caused largescale flooding throughout much of the region, including at the premises of a longstanding customer. Our client is responsible for manufacturing gelatins and peptides to form the coating of a range of pharmaceutical products – most commonly antibiotics – but the effects of Storm Dennis had seriously impeded their operations.

The company’s warehouse was left almost three feet deep in water, causing production to cease completely. Additionally, the heavy weather had left thousands of pounds worth of tablets submerged and unfit for use, causing a significant amount of wastage.

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Dryers help to restore conditions for leading food distribution company

When a leading food distribution company suffered a leak in their storage building, a significant quantity of frozen goods, beverages and other products were immediately at risk. The client – who was responsible for supplying to partners in the catering industry as well as retail outlets – called Andrews Dehumidification Hire seeking an urgent drying solution.

The leak was caused by warm air in the building’s ceiling void condensing moisture on the pipes that feed the glycol chilled system. As a result, a tailored solution was recommended which included two DH150 and four FD40 dehumidifiers designed for drying buildings.

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Surrey home owners turn to Andrews Dehumidification hire – to help recover from major flooding

During the early part of the year parts of Surrey were severely affected by widespread flooding. Many home owners turned to Andrews Dehumidification hire for assistance, one such case involved the owners of a ground floor flat which had been heavily flooded. Emergency services had assisted by pumping out all the water, but the owner now had to find a drying solution to prevent the dampness causing further damage the walls and furnishing.

The proprietor contacted Andrews Sykes to receive a quick and careful solution. Following a visit to the property by one of our dehumidification experts, we provided three FD30 dehumidifiers, three ASF21 ventilation fans and three DE25 heater units. These were placed strategically throughout the property to ensure a rapid drying process. We also provided a specialist carpet dryer fan to assist in drying under the floor coverings.

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