Andrews Dehumidification Sector – Pharmaceuticals

World-famous research facility seek short-term drying solution

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted by a leading research facility in London, who sought an urgent drying solution to assist them with the severe condensation in their plant room.

The client had become concerned about condensation building up in their plant room as it was putting their technical equipment at risk of damage. As a result, our specialist team were drafted in to conduct a survey of the site before suggesting an effective dehumidification hire solution to combat the undesirable conditions.

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Andrews Dehumidification control humidity levels for pharmaceutical manufacturer

When manufacturing pharmaceutical products, it is imperative that the clean room allows no environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours. In order to achieve these conditions, the room must have a positive air pressure and controlled relative humidity of no more than 30%RH.

So, when an industry leading pharmaceutical company experienced problems in the form of an under-performing existing dehumidification unit, our experts were drafted in to provide an effective short-term drying solution.

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Experimental Laboratory Require An Andrews Dehumidification Hire Tailored Solution

A research laboratory located in Leicester needed to carry out special tests – at a cold temperature – using a newly developed data gathering robot. The experiment took place in a sealed cold room, similar to the one of a walk in fridge. Once the testing began, the researchers noticed that the robot wasn’t as productive as expected. The problem was investigated and they noticed that condensation was forming on the metal robot, this was preventing the experiment from working efficiently. As a result they needed very dry air at a low temperature for the perfect outcome.

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