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Andrews Dehumidification Hire upgrade desiccant range

As the country’s leading supplier of temporary drying hire services, Andrews Dehumidification are delighted to announce our latest product – the KT6000. This recent addition to our desiccant range affords customers an energy cost saving of more than 35%, when compared with other products available on the market.

The KT6000 is suitable for a wide selection of purposes and has been designed to protect moisture-sensitive materials including sugars, powders, pharmaceuticals and metals. Perfect for projects where low relative humidity is required and/or ambient temperatures below 10°, this upgraded unit represents a significant investment in our dehumidifier rental fleet.

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International steel manufacturer saved six-figure sum

Andrews Dehumidification has helped one of Europe’s largest steel producers save a staggering £120,000 this winter, after providing them with a tailor-made drying arrangement. The steelworks had previously sought assistance from a competitor but extortionate fuel costs led to them to search elsewhere for a more cost-efficient solution.

Sophisticated dehumidification equipment was required in order to protect a huge steel shipment ahead of transportation. Seasonal conditions either side of Christmas typically see higher moisture content in the air, which in turn leads to condensation forming on interior surfaces – including valuable items.

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Andrews Dehumidification assists Northamptonshire sweet manufacturer

High levels of humidity can have an undesirable long-term effect on a production business if the problem is not tackled quickly. So when a confectionery manufacturer based near Kettering began to suffer this very issue, they contacted us in search of an immediate hire solution.

A combination of cooking pans, condensation and the weather were thought to be responsible for unfavourable relative humidity readings, so we sent a technician to conduct a site survey. Based on his findings and the application’s large dimensions, we recommended installing six FD40 dehumidifiers around the identified problem area.

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Experimental Laboratory Require An Andrews Dehumidification Hire Tailored Solution

A research laboratory located in Leicester needed to carry out special tests – at a cold temperature – using a newly developed data gathering robot. The experiment took place in a sealed cold room, similar to the one of a walk in fridge. Once the testing began, the researchers noticed that the robot wasn’t as productive as expected. The problem was investigated and they noticed that condensation was forming on the metal robot, this was preventing the experiment from working efficiently. As a result they needed very dry air at a low temperature for the perfect outcome.

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Andrews Dehumidification control humidity levels for washing powder manufacturer

Humidity is something we hear about daily in weather reports and can be blamed for that muggy, steam-room feeling you experience on certain summer days. The higher the humidity levels, the hotter we feel. This can be a severe problem for many companies, whether it be with food production, chemical substances or machines, moisture in the air can interfere with any production process.

Andrews Sykes received a call from a famous household Washing Powder Company involving humidity levels, which triggered the soap powder to cake and stick throughout the packaging process. Andrews Dehumidification sent an expert to conduct a comprehensive site survey, tasking all necessary measurements and readings. After the required calculations were made, we supplied two KT2000’s which were attached to their existing air ventilation system, thus providing the packaging area with dry air.

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