Andrews Dehumidification Sector – Building & Construction

Andrews Dehumidification assists Sheffield school construction

The construction of a new school in Sheffield prompted one of the country’s leading infrastructural companies to get in touch with us to assist with the latter stages of completion. The contractor in charge of the building contacted us regarding a temporary heating hire arrangement which was needed to support the laying of wood flooring.

Before this process could take place, however, it was important to ensure that the temperature of the areas in which wooden panels were to be laid had been kept at 18⁰C or above for at least 48 hours. This was to ensure that air humidity was at a normal level for habitable premises but also to dry any concrete or surfaces that could have conceivably been damp or contained moisture.

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Andrews Dehumidification Hire provide tailored drying solution

When one of the world’s largest independent cancer charities began building their new headquarters in Cambridgeshire, the project itself fell behind schedule. The primary issue centred around drying times, but Andrews Dehumidification were contacted and tasked with bringing the development back up to speed.

A local expert visited the site to conduct a free site survey before proposing a dehumidification hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client. A tailored solution was recommended which included a single KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier rental package designed for drying buildings.

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Luxury hotel seeks drying arrangement for newly built swimming pool and spa area

A leading construction company recently contacted Andrews Dehumidification Hire in search of an effective drying solution to assist with a building project. The client was attempting to dry concrete works in a newly built swimming pool and spa area.

Our experts surveyed the project, proposing a dehumidifier hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client. A KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier was agreed upon, along with a FV300 fan which ensured the airflow of dry air was maintained at 2000m³/h.

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West Yorkshire’s largest construction company hires temporary drying equipment

A nationally renowned construction company based in West Yorkshire contacted the specialists at Andrews Dehumidifier Hire for a practical drying solution required immediately, in order to ensure a major renovation project could be completed on time.

A key phase of the project involved the removal of the applications roof – after a relentless spell of rain precipitation the building’s fabric was saturated. Andrews Dehumidification were subsequently drafted in to conduct an assessment of the affected area, deciding that the best course of action was to recommend the hire of six KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers.

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Andrews Dehumidification Hire help preserve specialist acoustic joinery

An industry leading house-building and construction group in Birmingham were experiencing difficulties in drying concrete works, as well as controlling humidity for specialist acoustic joinery which was being fitted in a newly built auditorium.

Our specialist team were drafted in to conduct a thorough site survey. A tailored solution was recommended which included a single KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier rental package suitable for building sites. The unit was located outside the target application, recirculating the air within the auditorium by utilising over 70 metres of ducting and an FV300 fan. 

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Andrews Dehumidification Hire aid sports complex construction

When the construction of a major sporting complex in Utrecht seemed in danger of being delayed, a solution was required immediately to ensure the build was ready in time. A key phase of the project involved laying a new wooden floor covering an area of approximately 7,500m², but before this could commence it was essential that all concrete walls and plaster surfaces were completely dried.

The leading contractor had become increasingly concerned that a fast-approaching deadline would not be met, leading Andrews Dehumidification Hire to be contacted about providing some temporary equipment. Our responsibility was to propose an arrangement that would quicken drying times without causing delicate materials to crack or swell.

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Andrews Dehumidification keep furnishing project on schedule

The growing pressure on contractors to finish construction jobs well ahead of a targeted date has led to more and more clients within the industry approaching us for assistance. Our unrivalled expertise providing instant drying solutions in potentially crippling scenarios has allowed us to guide customers towards the most cost-efficient and practical option available to them.

A well-known flooring company commissioned to install luxury wooden tiling in a newly-built apartment block in London contacted Andrews Dehumidification after struggling to combat high humidity levels. In order to keep the assignment on track and prevent delicate materials from succumbing to moisture exposure, a swift response was essential.

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London building site requires dehumidification equipment

At Andrews, we appreciate that construction sites may face humidity issues and in some circumstances, require emergency drying. So when a building contractor working on a site in London encountered a burst sewage pipe, an immediate solution was needed to allow the project to move forward.

The customer originally hired pumps from us to remove liquid from several areas, and once this was complete portable driers were sought to accelerate the process. Following a site visit, one of our specialist advisors recommended six portable dehumidifier units and two efficient electric fan heaters.

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Andrews Dehumidification Hire help dry floor screed in Glasgow

A construction company in Glasgow was in the process of drying their floor screed when the weather turned against them and the process took longer than expected. The contractors immediately called Andrews Sykes Hire for an instant and tailored solution. After providing a free site survey from one of our experts, the conclusion was to supply seven HD500 Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, seven ASF21 Ventilation Fans and seven DE25 Heater units.

These units were placed in keeping with the layout of the building, bearing in mind the long halls and uniquely shaped rooms. In addition, we also supplied a generator with fuel to support the constant working of the equipment. The HD500 DV Dehumidifier Building Dryer, is built to endure the dynamic conditions of a construction site. The large wheels make it very manoeuvrable and it’s safe and easy in use.

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