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Andrews Dehumidification Hire help preserve specialist acoustic joinery

An industry leading house-building and construction group in Birmingham were experiencing difficulties in drying concrete works, as well as controlling humidity for specialist acoustic joinery which was being fitted in a newly built auditorium. Our specialist team were drafted in to conduct a thorough site survey. A tailored solution was recommended which included a single [...]

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Let’s talk refrigerant dehumidifiers

Refrigerant dehumidifiers, work by drawing damp air from a particular area into the unit itself, before passing it over a cold evaporator coil, bringing the air below its dewpoint temperature. This causes the moisture contained within the air to turn into condensation, the condensation is then collected from the unit’s coils and either drained into [...]

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Swift intervention from Andrews Dehumidification Hire saves international food producer thousands

Once a potato yield has been gathered, it is absolutely imperative that all produce is stored appropriately in order to maximise its shelf life. A potato’s high moisture content makes it extremely susceptible to quickly developing bacterial soft rot and becoming unsaleable as a result. Process potatoes – those typically farmed for fast food purposes [...]

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