Andrews Dehumidification Hire Sector – Warehouse & Stores

Dryers help to restore conditions for leading food distribution company

When a leading food distribution company suffered a leak in their storage building, a significant quantity of frozen goods, beverages and other products were immediately at risk. The client – who was responsible for supplying to partners in the catering industry as well as retail outlets – called Andrews Dehumidification Hire seeking an urgent drying solution.

The leak was caused by warm air in the building’s ceiling void condensing moisture on the pipes that feed the glycol chilled system. As a result, a tailored solution was recommended which included two DH150 and four FD40 dehumidifiers designed for drying buildings.

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Swift intervention from Andrews Dehumidification Hire saves international food producer thousands

Once a potato yield has been gathered, it is absolutely imperative that all produce is stored appropriately in order to maximise its shelf life. A potato’s high moisture content makes it extremely susceptible to quickly developing bacterial soft rot and becoming unsaleable as a result.

Process potatoes – those typically farmed for fast food purposes – are harvested during autumn and are often difficult to store safely because of damp seasonal conditions. High moisture content outdoors can often cause ventilation systems to lose effectiveness which will in turn lead to delicate crops becoming spoiled if appropriate steps are not taken at an early stage.

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Andrews Dehumidification save valuable steel stock

The steel industry is very important, not only does it help to shelter us but it also facilitates our working and leisure day. Whether it be for producing goods or using the material on its own, it is essential to our economy.

A warehouse located in Lincolnshire was in an emergency situation when rain breached walls and caused severe flooding within the storage space. Millions of pounds worth of steel was at risk of oxidising just as it was ready to be exported. The warehouse manager tasked with storing and preparing the steel approached Andrews Sykes for an urgent and immediate solution.

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