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Andrews Dehumidifier Hire creates tank repair solution

A nationally renowned tank farm in Teesside recently contacted the specialists at Andrews Dehumidifier Hire for a practical solution to avoid the high risk of their tanks corroding.

Fuel storage tanks typically require servicing every 6-12 months. This lengthy process involves exposing the interior steel surface to clean and repair the product. During the servicing process the steel is exposed and at high risk of corrosion from humid air as well as moisture from within the tank – something our hired drying units can prevent!

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International steel manufacturer saved six-figure sum

Andrews Dehumidification has helped one of Europe’s largest steel producers save a staggering £120,000 this winter, after providing them with a tailor-made drying arrangement. The steelworks had previously sought assistance from a competitor but extortionate fuel costs led to them to search elsewhere for a more cost-efficient solution.

Sophisticated dehumidification equipment was required in order to protect a huge steel shipment ahead of transportation. Seasonal conditions either side of Christmas typically see higher moisture content in the air, which in turn leads to condensation forming on interior surfaces – including valuable items.

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