Andrews Dehumidification Hire Sector – Art Galleries & Museums

Emergency drying for history museum in the South of London

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted by a popular museum in South London, after the institution required a temporary drying arrangement for a historic paper storage area.

The building in question is ‘Passivhaus’ which means it is built to be environmentally friendly, hence why this particular structure does not have any fixed plant systems. Due to the building being relatively new, the issue had never occurred before and therefore the consequences of high ambient moisture had not been properly prepared for.

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Art gallery in Manchester requires climate control

An international construction services company contacted us regarding the hire of heaters, dehumidifiers and fans, which were needed to control the temperature and moisture levels of an art gallery in Lancashire. The gallery – which contains more than 55,000 items and pieces – was undergoing renovation and required accurate humidity control in three separate areas of the building.

It was also requested by the client that the project was monitored throughout, with reports produced on a weekly basis. Our solution was to supply three DH150 dehumidifier units, three DE65 electric heaters and six ASF21 fans, which ensured the vicinity stayed dry and warm while refurbishment was carried out.

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