Anaerobic digestion

Andrews Chillers replace faulty unit on waste production site

A leading waste-to-product company in the Aylesbury area recently encountered a problem after some site equipment broke down unexpectedly. One of their anaerobic digestion plants stopped functioning at full capacity and consequently began processing waste at 50°C – too hot for the bacteria to produce gas.

The company needed to reduce the temperature of waste to no more than 40°C, with approximately 90,000 litres of waste processed on a typical day. They then contacted Andrews Chillers to provide a solution that could act as a stand-in until the faulty permanent unit was replaced.

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Midlands-based anaerobic digestion plant kept functional

In the present day, most companies in the UK are demonstrating a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The widely publicised battle against climate change has therefore played a vital role in the recent surge of anaerobic digestion plants opening across the country – with biogas presenting a perfect alternative to non-renewable energy sources.

Food waste is biologically broken down into methane and carbon dioxide before being converted into electricity, providing non-polluting power to thousands of people at a time.

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