Air Conditioning Sector – Workshops

Andrews Sykes hire provides cooling for Peterborough broadcast company

Heatwaves have the potential to cause problems for a broad range of businesses, with companies operating out of warehouses and factories among those likely to be affected.

During the warm summer period, a broadcasting hardware company in Cambridgeshire, was experiencing issues with their cooling system which was jeopardising the company’s daily operations. This prompted the client to contact Andrews Air Conditioning for a solution to maintain a comfortable environment for their employees.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provides emergency cooling solution for Gatwick airport

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted to provide a temporary cooling solution for one of Gatwick Airport’s airside workshops and office blocks during a major refurbishment project. The requirement surfaced during the replacement of the client’s existing cooling system, meaning our equipment was needed urgently.

Our customer was unsure about what would be the best way to retain a reliable means for providing complete climate control, prompting a visit from our specialist team. An Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a survey of the premises and propose an effective cooling solution that could rapidly bring the indoor temperatures down.

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Beverage factory in need of Andrews Air Conditioning

Workshops are generally filled with machinery and production lines which all tend to heat up the enclosed space. When the temperature reaches unbearable levels it can be difficult for staff to remain concentrated.

An on–going client from Andrews was having trouble keeping their factory space cool. They requested various standard evaporative units but due to the size of the factory, the Andrews Air Conditioning specialist recommended the cyclone units instead. We delivered and installed four cyclone units within 4 hours of the initial call, placing them strategically to ensure maximum efficiency. These units are often used where access to the outside is difficult or impractical. They created a fresh breeze cooling effect and kept the working staff comfortable.

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