Air Conditioning Sector – Showrooms

Emergency cooling for kitchen showroom

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by a south eastern kitchen showroom requiring a cooling solution to battle high seasonal temperatures.

The greenhouse effect can in some cases cause extreme heat levels inside an enclosed space, which was the situation our client found themselves in. The showroom became uncomfortably stuffy for potential customers and staff members during the peak of summer, prompting the management team to contact our specialist to find a quick solution for the on-going issue.

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Andrews Air Conditioning provide cooling for car showroom

Showrooms tend to have large areas of glazing and low-pitch ceilings. Together these features encourage heat increase on sunny days, even while the temperature outside is not extreme.

A luxury car dealer in Cheshire was affected by the warm weather conditions causing their showroom to overheat and creating discomfort for their clients. They promptly contacted Andrews Sykes to obtain the perfect solution. Due to the type of area, Andrews Air Conditioning sent in a local specialist for a full site survey, to establish the correct equipment on site. We provided 5 Kool Cube evaporative coolers and one of our Polar range units for the offices upstairs. These units were placed strategically around the building to create the perfect environment for their staff and customers.

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