Air Conditioning Sector – Public Sector/Govenment

Andrews provides climate control for eagerly anticipated US-Russia summit

As the world watched on with bated breath, President Biden met Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for what many expected to be palpably tense diplomatic discussions in Geneva.

Although no major breakthroughs were envisaged, there was hope among other heads of state that some common ground could be established at a time where relations between the two countries have frequently been described as at their lowest.

And while some observers might have predicted some explosive exchanges and for the two protagonists to get a little hot under the collar, our colleagues in Switzerland went above and beyond to help ensure this didn’t happen.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire keep leading blood and transplantation service functional

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were recently contacted by one of the UK’s leading blood and transplantation services after their centre experienced a chiller breakdown.

The company in question manage the donation, storage and transplantation of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow and stems cells. It is absolutely imperative that blood is stored correctly to prevent the blood from expiring and because of this, an emergency cooling solution was needed to bring temperatures below 20 °C.

Our specialists conducted a contingency survey approximately one year ago, to ensure we were prepared in the event of such a failure. The hire package that was then deployed consisted of eight PACC 22 air conditioning units, and these were delivered to site the same day ahead of installation.

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Andrews provide emergency cooling for British Prime Minister

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were recently contacted to provide a temporary cooling solution for a very high profile meeting between some of the country’s leading political figures.

Our client was hosting the Prime Minister for an urgent meeting set to take place the following day.

An Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a survey – this assessment prompted our regional expert to recommend the deployment of eight Polar Wind portable air conditioners.

We received a call from the customer the evening before the equipment was required – and this just so happened to be during the hottest week of the year! Due to the large quantity of equipment we have in stock, coupled with our dedicated operations team on a 24-hour call out, we were able to deliver the quality service expected of us despite soaring demand.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Aid The Ministry Of Defence

The typical British summer is defined by one or more heatwaves followed by stormy weather. When dealing with an uncertain climate it can prove expensive to buy air conditioning units and then have to fund their upkeep and maintenance throughout the year. Hiring is a practical and easy solution, especially when dealing with a large space or seasonal requirements. During this summer, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was contacted by a well-known business services company on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. The MoD charts the world’s oceans, providing marine, defence, leisure and hydrographic expertise. They required temporary cooling for their offices.

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Local council in Essex seeks temporary cooling

A council established in Essex was in need for temporary cooling whilst they replaced their fixed system. The cooling was imperative as they were in the process of doing some building work. The contractor contacted Andrews Sykes to install and deliver the perfect solution.

At once, one of our experts was sent from our local depot in Basildon to conduct a thorough site survey. Due to the limited ducting possibilities it was recommended by Andrews Air Conditioning to use twelve M9OO Evaporative Coolers. The M900 is fully automatic, quiet and safe when in operation, furthermore it’s ideal when access to the outside is difficult. Similarly, it’s economical and runs on a standard power supply, proving to be the perfect solution for the issue at hand.

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British security think tank seeks temporary cooling

An independent research institution aimed at preserving British defence and security required emergency assistance when rising temperatures began to affect members of staff. The headquarters – in London – were overheating which could have had an impact on productivity levels if not attended to quickly.

Because of the building’s location, access to an outside source was limited which meant a solution had to be carefully selected. Following the initial enquiry, a member of our contact centre was able to recommend an effective system which was delivered and installed the next morning.

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