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Four-storey office provided with emergency air conditioning hire

A leading facilities management company in Scotland was recently tasked with providing emergency cooling for one of their biggest clients, following the untimely breakdown of their internal chiller system.

The client in question desperately required an effective cooling solution for a large four-storey building occupied by more than 400 employees in Clydebank, near Glasgow. As a result, a local Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a free site survey and recommend a suitable air conditioning hire package that would reduce excessive temperatures during the peak of summer.

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Andrews provide large commercial building with emergency air conditioning hire package

When a leading facilities management firm based in central London required immediate cooling for a large office building, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire regarding a solution.

The FM company in charge of the project approached our specialists and requested an emergency cooling arrangement that could successfully supply all nine floors with comfort cooling while their original cooling system was repaired off-site.

Our specialists were urgently drafted in to conduct a free site survey of the application to gain a better understanding of the cooling capacities required. The solution was to install 112 Polar Wind portable air conditioners along with 28 Polar Breeze air conditioning hire units which were placed in each of the building’s rooms.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provides emergency cooling solution for Gatwick airport

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted to provide a temporary cooling solution for one of Gatwick Airport’s airside workshops and office blocks during a major refurbishment project. The requirement surfaced during the replacement of the client’s existing cooling system, meaning our equipment was needed urgently.

Our customer was unsure about what would be the best way to retain a reliable means for providing complete climate control, prompting a visit from our specialist team. An Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a survey of the premises and propose an effective cooling solution that could rapidly bring the indoor temperatures down.

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Global children’s charity seek temporary cooling equipment

When an international children’s charity required emergency cooling for one of their London offices, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was on hand to help.

The rapid rise in temperature left dozens of workers exposed to unbearable working conditions. Our client contacted us regarding a practical solution that would successfully provide comfort cooling for a sizeable working space.

After a visit from one of our local specialists, our response was to deploy a total of seven Polar Wind portable air conditioners. The short-term units were delivered to the site within  a few hours and were up and running the same day, dispersing hot air out the window.

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Commercial television regulators kept cool during summer

Sometimes, even recently constructed modern buildings can find themselves unprepared for extreme weather when it arrives. This was exemplified during the summer of 2016, when one of the country’s broadcasting governing bodies sought an emergency cooling hire package from Andrews Air Conditioning.

Our client’s Olympic Park base in Stratford was erected in 2012, but the chosen position of the building meant that occupants could suffer from seasonal heat due to its all-glass design. High outdoor temperatures had led to a number of offices becoming uncomfortable for members of staff inside, as well as those in the lobby and reception area.

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Consultancy firm requires emergency air conditioning

Over long periods of time, a chiller system can lose efficiency and become ineffective – dramatically increasing the chances of it breaking down completely. This was precisely the scenario a national consultancy company was faced with after their unit failed during a particularly busy interval for the business.

Failure to address the issue immediately could have had severe repercussions for their medium-term output, as various parts of their London headquarters would have been left without air conditioning. The worst affected areas were the canteen, a large storeroom and a top floor office, with members of staff reportedly complaining about the uncomfortable working conditions.

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Facilities manager seeks cooling for office and server room

With temperatures in London beginning to rise ahead of a hectic bank holiday weekend, it was essential that a large office building and accompanying server room were suitably protected by air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately for the customer in question, their existing chiller arrangement had malfunctioned due to pipework breaking unexpectedly.

The situation therefore left vital electronics and dozens of workers exposed to sweltering conditions, meaning an immediate solution was required to ensure productivity was maintained without any issue.

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Andrews provides cooling for offices in Kent

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the detrimental implications an uncomfortable working environment can have on a business’ productivity. So when a client contacted us seeking temporary cooling for their office, we acted quickly to quell the effects of high temperatures and keep employees content.

The complex – based in Rochester, Kent – is a listed building, and as such any solution we deployed would have to avoid having pipes hanging out of windows. With this in mind, we delivered and installed a single Double Cool evaporative unit because of its suitability for applications where outside access is limited. The Double Cool creates a sea-breeze effect and represents an excellent alternative to conventional air conditioning systems.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Aid The Ministry Of Defence

The typical British summer is defined by one or more heatwaves followed by stormy weather. When dealing with an uncertain climate it can prove expensive to buy air conditioning units and then have to fund their upkeep and maintenance throughout the year. Hiring is a practical and easy solution, especially when dealing with a large space or seasonal requirements. During this summer, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was contacted by a well-known business services company on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. The MoD charts the world’s oceans, providing marine, defence, leisure and hydrographic expertise. They required temporary cooling for their offices.

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