Air Conditioning Sector – Hospital & Healthcare

Andrews Air Conditioning cool healthcare facility kitchen

In a healthcare environment, where people are already unwell, it is absolutely imperative that patients’ food is stored correctly to prevent them suffering any further illness. Rising temperatures in Scotland had caused an Edinburgh hospital some difficulties in this regard, and so emergency cooling equipment was needed to ensure frozen goods remained safe for consumption.

The holding area was beginning to overheat as a result of the hot air produced by an adjacent kitchen, so the customer contacted Andrews Air Conditioning to provide a solution that would successfully overcome this issue.

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Yorkshire hospital requires emergency air conditioning

When the ill and infirm are exposed to excessive temperatures, it can cause the development of respiratory infections or even trigger allergies depending on the circumstances. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering robust, safe and reliable cooling systems to hospitals within 4 hours of first contact.

One of our existing clients approached us regarding a temporary hire package during a period of unusually warm weather. As a result, we delivered 40 Polar Wind portable air conditioners to a Yorkshire hospital after receiving an urgent enquiry.

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Healthcare production line kept cool

An international pharmaceutical company headquartered in London required a cooling solution for staff on their production line. They called Andrews Air Conditioning and within hours a site survey was completed. This organisation employs 100,000 people worldwide therefore it is vital staff are kept comfortable. The healthcare industry is worth billions of pounds consequently it is essential that the manufacturing process runs smoothly.

A site survey by an Andrews engineer determined that 15 Cyclone Dx Evaporative Coolers would work best in this medical environment. The coolers were placed throughout the site to provide efficient comfort cooling for staff. The Cyclone Dx is fully portable and runs on a standard power supply, making it perfect for use in a range of locations and environments. The Cyclone Coolers kept staff cool throughout the warm period during the production process. Andrews Air Conditioning has a wealth of experience when dealing with cooling requirements in the manufacturing industry, whether this be spot cooling or large scale process cooling.

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Hospital in need of urgent cooling

Heat is a well described occupational hazard. People who are physically active in high temperatures are at increased risk of heat injury. When the temperature soared in a Gloucestershire Hospital the building became distressingly hot. An urgent site survey was carried out following the hospitals management team’s request.


Andrews Air Conditioning Hire delivered 60 portable air conditioners which were placed throughout the building, including 2.6kW Polar Breeze and 4.1kW Polar Wind units. These products are fully portable and deliver cool flows of air anywhere in the room.  Amongst the units we also supplied several larger and more powerful models, the 6.5kW PAC 22 placed in spaces with more cooling demand.

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