Air Conditioning Sector – Communication & IT Room

Industry-leading IT firm rescued by Andrews Air Conditioning

When one of the world’s most widely recognised technology and consultation businesses sought alternative cooling at their data centre in the South East, Andrews Air Conditioning were tasked with delivering a suitable hire package to enable repair works to begin.

The customer was looking for stand-in cooling equipment to operate instead of their existing system which had been temporarily decommissioned. As a global business with exemplary standing, and one renowned for its durable IT services, it was absolutely imperative that critical servers were kept online to ensure their reputation was not affected among consumers.

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Major TV broadcaster seeks emergency intervention from Andrews Air Conditioning

When a national broadcaster sought a temporary cooling system for their headquarters in the North East, Andrews Air Conditioning were contacted and tasked with implementing a viable solution. A regional technician conducted a thorough survey of the premises to gain a better understanding of the assignment, with this process helping us propose a suitable hire package.

Building work on the roof meant that existing chillers had to be relocated and as such, would be offline for a number of days. The customer’s two 17kW units therefore need to be replaced immediately to ensure their normal output levels could be maintained.

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Andrews Air Conditioning keep football broadcaster operational

Computers and telecommunication systems are vital to the smooth running of many businesses, but this is particularly pertinent in the broadcasting industry. If equipment breaks down unexpectedly during a live airing, the consequences can be disastrous for a broadcaster’s reputation going forward.

So when one of our clients within the sector sought temporary air conditioning to protect its servers while covering a live football match, we acted quickly to ensure everything ran smoothly. The initial enquiry came through at 3pm – just five hours before kick-off – but we had a portable unit installed and fully-functional less than two hours later.

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Theatre server room requires emergency cooling

One of London’s premier auditoriums contacted us at short notice when vital servers became at risk of overheating. At Andrews Air Conditioning Hire, we understand the bleak implications of electrical systems failing, which is why we act quicker than any of our competitors to avoid potential downtime.

The theatre, which is based along the south bank of the River Thames, was therefore in need of a temporary solution to ensure its continuous operation. As an existing client, we were already aware of the application’s day-to-day use which allowed us to recommend a particular cooling unit immediately.

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IT Room Requires Air Conditioning

Canary Wharf is a major business district and one of London’s two main financial centres – along with the City of London. Around 105,000 people work in the area, which is home to a number of banks, professional services and media organisations. The continued operation of companies within these sectors is therefore absolutely vital, with disruption potentially costing them tens of thousands of pounds a day. So when a bank’s air conditioning system required essential maintenance, we were tasked with providing a temporary alternative while this was being completed. An Andrews engineer visited the premises in Docklands to ascertain which equipment would be most suitable for the application. This particular job was carried out over the weekend due to the number of people working on the site between Monday and Friday. Six technicians arrived on Friday evening to ensure the units were ready, and these were set up and fully-functional before the end of the night.

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London Bank Seeks Cooling

When a major bank suffered air conditioning failure unexpectedly, they sought an immediate replacement to ensure it remained accessible to the public. The job was considered an emergency because switch rooms or virtual private servers can be critically affected if they are subjected to excess levels of heat. Following the initial problem report, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire technicians arrived at the site – in central London – within four hours. Our instant response to the issue helped keep vital electronics online and we delivered enough temporary cooling units to keep the entire vicinity cool. By reacting swiftly to callout, we facilitated the bank’s continued trade and allowed it to remain open for business. The client was so pleased with our service and equipment that they hired units from us on a further two occasions, while repair works were carried out.

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Temporary Cooling System Keeps Servers Active

A nationally-renowned exploration and production company needed emergency assistance at their offices in Aberdeen, while old Close Control air conditioning units were replaced. This meant that a temporary alternative was required immediately in order to keep a large server room sufficiently cool. Following a site survey, it was decided that an H-PAC 90 system would be delivered and installed, as it most closely replicated the capacity of the Close Control units. In order to accommodate the need for ducting, we removed two windows and replaced them with plywood. The unit itself is our largest mobile air conditioning model, and capable of cooling a range of applications including workshops, marquees or even open plan areas. Simple installation via a standard 3-phase power supply enables the product to be fully operational within minutes – crucial in this instance. Despite the urgent nature and delicate surroundings involved in the project, we provided a rapid and effective solution to the problem at hand.

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Server rooms kept operational by Andrews Air Conditioning

When server rooms are exposed to rising temperatures, vital software and IT apparatus become susceptible to breakdown. The implications of this scenario are potentially devastating, but Andrews Air Conditioning is well-equipped to help you avert a crippling outcome by providing temporary cooling – even at short notice.

A recent example of our swift response saw us supply a multinational telecommunication company with PAC22 split-type units when a telephone exchange began overheating. This solution prevented a certain geographical area suffering intermittent connection issues and kept all services operational throughout a sustained period of warm weather. The temporary hire of air conditioning equipment therefore proved successful, as it reduced internal temperatures to a safe level.

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UPS room in the Shard needs cooling

An international broadcaster headquartered in the Middle East needed the intervention of Andrews Sykes before moving into new offices in London. The Shard – Europe’s tallest freestanding building – was their location of choice, but an overheating issue threatened to obstruct the moving in process.

The main UPS switch room – which provides the company with a back-up power supply – was getting too hot, and this problem had to be addressed before occupancy could begin. We provided the client with a PAC 60 portable air conditioner complete with heat exchanger and accessories, to reduce the internal temperature.  By removing warm air from the vicinity, we prevented critical materials and equipment from being exposed to dangerous amounts of heat.

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