Air Conditioning Sector – Communication & IT Room

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provide emergency cooling for South Coast hardware company

When the European headquarters of a major research organization in Portsmouth required an urgent cooling arrangement to solve a problem with their chillers, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were drafted in to prevent UPS batteries from overheating.

The computer hardware company were experiencing issues cooling their UPS back-up batteries, which are used as an uninterruptible power source should their primary supply fail.

In less than 24hours, our specialists carried out a site survey and decided to install two PAC 60s, giving 17kW of cooling duty each. These were accompanied by two ASF50 cooing fans, which were situated near the PAC units to help circulate cold air. One of the PAC 60s was placed at the top of the room and the other to the side to cool the two main areas of concern.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Hire keeps Britain’s leading TV talent show on air

When Britain’s leading TV talent show needed emergency cooling at late notice, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire came to the rescue! The production company responsible for the programme, watched live by millions, sought an immediate cooling solution to assist them with reducing temperatures in their production room.

The production room – a converted and temporary facility with no permanent air conditioning – contained a large quantity of sensitive electronic hardware, monitors and cameras that were in serious danger of overheating just hours before broadcasting was due to commence.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provide emergency cooling solution for server room

A high-profile London building was undergoing a major refurbishment project which included the removal of a permanent air conditioning system serving the communications rooms. As a result, our specialists were drafted in to provide the client with a temporary cooling solution to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect sensitive hardware contained within.

Shortly after initial contact, one of our local specialists visited the site to assess the specifications of the area before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package to preserve the desired low temperatures.

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Andrews Air Conditioning playing our part in the Royal Wedding celebrations!

An international news company broadcasting the Royal Wedding has entrusted Andrews Air Conditioning with providing a temporary cooling solution for their transmitting station.

For those of us not lucky enough to be among the guests at Windsor Castle to witness Price Harry tie the knot with Meghan Markle, the next best option will be watching live at home! As with previous Royal occasions, coronations and milestones, TV viewers can expect hours of uninterrupted coverage streamed live from St. George’s Chapel and the lawns of the Castle.

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Andrews provide cooling arrangement for server room upgrade

As a company committed to providing temporary cooling equipment to organisations potentially affected by server failure, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire are often the first port of call for businesses looking to protect vital hardware.

This fact was underlined when one of our major clients had planned maintenance works in their server room, leading to our specialists being asked to provide an urgent customised cooling solution that would help keep operations online.

An Andrews technician visited the site to conduct a survey prior to making a recommendation, deciding that four PAC22 rental units would be efficient in providing the application with the required cooling duty. The temporary air conditioning units were then connected to a series of heat exchangers positioned inside a storage room nearby.

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Temporary server room keeps museum open during refurbishment scheme

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we regularly provide cooling solutions to clients looking to protect their data centres and telecoms facilities. We are therefore exceptionally well-placed to recommend equipment designed to maintain the optimum temperature and thus prevent such applications succumbing to downtime.

This expertise was recently demonstrated when a prominent London museum approached us seeking a temporary air conditioning system for a server room conversion. An extensive renovation project included the removal of asbestos from the ceiling of the original server room, meaning the equipment contained within would have to be relocated.

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Facilities manager seeks cooling for office and server room

With temperatures in London beginning to rise ahead of a hectic bank holiday weekend, it was essential that a large office building and accompanying server room were suitably protected by air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately for the customer in question, their existing chiller arrangement had malfunctioned due to pipework breaking unexpectedly.

The situation therefore left vital electronics and dozens of workers exposed to sweltering conditions, meaning an immediate solution was required to ensure productivity was maintained without any issue.

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Industry-leading IT firm rescued by Andrews Air Conditioning

When one of the world’s most widely recognised technology and consultation businesses sought alternative cooling at their data centre in the South East, Andrews Air Conditioning were tasked with delivering a suitable hire package to enable repair works to begin.

The customer was looking for stand-in cooling equipment to operate instead of their existing system which had been temporarily decommissioned. As a global business with exemplary standing, and one renowned for its durable IT services, it was absolutely imperative that critical servers were kept online to ensure their reputation was not affected among consumers.

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Major TV broadcaster seeks emergency intervention from Andrews Air Conditioning

When a national broadcaster sought a temporary cooling system for their headquarters in the North East, Andrews Air Conditioning were contacted and tasked with implementing a viable solution. A regional technician conducted a thorough survey of the premises to gain a better understanding of the assignment, with this process helping us propose a suitable hire package.

Building work on the roof meant that existing chillers had to be relocated and as such, would be offline for a number of days. The customer’s two 17kW units therefore need to be replaced immediately to ensure their normal output levels could be maintained.

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Andrews Air Conditioning keep football broadcaster operational

Computers and telecommunication systems are vital to the smooth running of many businesses, but this is particularly pertinent in the broadcasting industry. If equipment breaks down unexpectedly during a live airing, the consequences can be disastrous for a broadcaster’s reputation going forward.

So when one of our clients within the sector sought temporary air conditioning to protect its servers while covering a live football match, we acted quickly to ensure everything ran smoothly. The initial enquiry came through at 3pm – just five hours before kick-off – but we had a portable unit installed and fully-functional less than two hours later.

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