Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Hire for Theatre Company

Andrews Sykes has delivered a Polar Wind portable air conditioner to a leading theatre company. The Polar Wind is one of our most popular portable Air conditioner. The Polar Wind has a fully automatic thermostat and a remote control, is totally portable and can be positioned to direct a welcome breeze of cool air anywhere in a room.

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Air Conditioning For A Childrens Charity

Andrews Sykes has provided a children’s charity with a Little Cooler for one of its Midlands centres.  The Little Cooler, portable evaporative cooler is a good alternative to portable air conditioning. Evaporative coolers are often used where access to the outside is difficult or impractical. The Little Cooler will deliver large volumes of cooled air for localised comfort cooling.

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There’s No Business Like Show Business

Andrews Air Conditioning has installed an air conditioning hire solution for an illustrious theatre in the heart of the West End’s Theatreland. Our solution, installed within 4 hours from the customer’s request, included two PAC 22 portable air conditioners, our larger and more powerful stylish water cooled ‘Split’ portable air conditioners. 

Theatreland features some of the finest theatres in the world. From the biggest breathtaking award winning new musicals like Wicked and Jersey Boys, to some of the most uplifting feel-good musicals of all time such as Mamma Mia and Billy Elliot.

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Helping Out Super Heroes At Pinewood Studios

Andrews Air Conditioning has provided an air conditioning hire solution to a world leading production company currently filming a new blockbuster super hero film at Pinewood Studios. The two PAC 15 portable air conditioners supplied are stylish water – cooled ‘Split’ portable air conditioners. Pinewood Studios is the home of world class film, television and commercial production facilities. The Studios’ facilities are used for major national and international film production, filmed television, studio television recording, the filming of commercials and post production sound services.

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Andrews Sykes at Glastonbury Festival 2010

Andrews Air Conditioning have supplied a number of ET25 Air Conditioning units and ducting to the organisers of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, commonly abbreviated to Glastonbury or Glasto, is the largest open-air music and performing arts festival in the world! Let’s hope all the revellers have a great time and there’s no sign of the muddy conditions typical of the festival.

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Keeping Customers Comfortable

A national jewellery retailer with 103 locations across the UK has renewed its national contract with  Andrews Air Conditioning Services and doubled the number of maintenance visits to ensure their fixed air conditioning equipment is reliable, energy efficient and keeping their customers comfortable.

For our customers, avoiding air conditioning service breakdowns is a major priority. Our experience also tells us that regular planned maintenance is essential to trouble-free running of any air conditioning system.

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Keeping Commuters Cool


Andrews Air Conditioning Services have carried out important air conditioning maintenance at two of London’s busiest and oldest train stations.

The vital equipment is located on the stations’ concourses, in administration offices, plant rooms and alongside the train tracks. The customer was so impressed with the standard of our workmanship, they are considering converting the project into a quarterly planned air conditioning maintenance regime.

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