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Our popular air conditioning range just got even better!

We are delighted to unveil the newest addition to our expanding fleet – the enhanced HPAC 30! At Andrews, we prioritise offering our customers a diverse range of options and are pleased to have introduced this product following a successful trial in Europe.

Our newest HPAC 30 incorporates heat pump technology, making it the ultimate multi-purpose solution. By delivering both cooling and heating functionality, this unit negates the need for clients to enter into two separate contracts when seasonal requirements inevitably change.

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What to consider before ordering your air conditioning unit this summer?

Summer is a time for festivals, exhibitions, parties and graduations, but it’s also the time of year when facilities managers and healthcare estates teams desperately need us. With scorching conditions not just possible but likely, temperatures inside the venues can become unbearable, leading to discomfort and even health issues for people present.

Incorporating climate solutions can be challenging, and often overlooked until the very last minute. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive summer air conditioning checklist to help you plan better and expedite the ordering process. Before placing an order with us, we highly recommend considering these key factors:

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From industrial to commercial: our air conditioning systems cover all environments

For many businesses, maintaining optimal temperatures is essential not only for staff comfort but also for the smooth operation of critical machinery. As one of the leading providers of portable air conditioners, we understand the diverse cooling needs of most environments and industries. With our temporary cooling solutions, we ensure that both people and machinery stay cool, regardless of the application.

Recently, a well-known airline contacted us requiring a temporary solution as their existing air conditioning system failed – leaving a data centre potentially vulnerable. As usual, our team responded quickly. Our PAC 22 portable air conditioners were selected and implemented because of their suitability to this type of environment. The unit’s precision cooling capabilities met the specific requirements of the flight company’s data centre, ensuring uninterrupted performance and safeguarding their vital operations.

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Why is office air conditioning important?

It is likely that you can recall being too warm at work at one time or another, so you may be astonished to learn that there is no maximum temperature outlined in the UK Workplace Regulations 1992.

Surprisingly, it somewhat vaguely states: ‘During working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable.’

So, what constitutes ‘reasonable’, you might ask? And do these guidelines give businesses and corporations a bit too much leeway when it comes to keeping their staff cool? Possibly.

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Andrews’ engineers heralded following successful installation for major Belgian TV broadcaster!

There’s no better indicator of our aptitude than clients taking the trouble to point it out – and we must admit, it’s very nice to hear!

Our team in Belgium were grateful to receive another positive testimonial earlier this week, after a potentially disastrous situation was resolved.

One of the country’s largest TV and radio stations suffered an unexpected cooling outage, leaving a large server room at the mercy of the elements.

The multinational utilities company responsible for the building’s maintenance requirements quickly got in touch with our Belgian colleagues, with the severity of the issue communicated in no uncertain terms.

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Italy’s iconic Fashion Week: Four shows, various locations, dozens of units and one big triumph!

Last week, the curtain came down on another successful and highly publicised Milan Fashion Week! Attended by revered designers, industry insiders, and others fortunate enough to receive an invitation, the shows are among the world’s most exclusive events – although our colleagues in Italy were permitted more than a sneak preview!

With climate control solutions required for a total of four shows at three different locations, it would not be an exaggeration to say it’s been a very busy week for all at Nolo Climat!

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Offshore technology leaders turn to UK’s climate control leaders!

Having installed countless high capacity cooling solutions in petrochemical plants across the country, we are rightly considered industry leaders when it comes to the climate control requirements of these specialist applications.

Our expertise is so widely recognised that we regularly undertake projects in conjunction with the sector’s biggest players, including a recent air conditioning hire involving an internationally revered oil and marine hose manufacturer.

The client had previously hired an HPAC unit for use in their Yorkshire production facility, and they were looking for similar this time around. Their main focus was ensuring that machinery was kept cool during the highly publicised heatwave, with an HPAC 45 model selected due to its suitability to areas of up to 1,000m³ in size.

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Practical cooling, economical functionality and zero emissions: meet the Arena 15!

In many industries, evaporative cooling technology is now preferred to traditional air conditioning systems because of the benefits offered. An evaporative cooler is economical, delivers excellent air quality, produces no carbon emissions, and is incredibly easy to use and maintain.

These factors form the basis of our decision to expand our range, and we are delighted to announce the recent addition of our new Arena 15 unit.

As with all evaporative coolers offered by Andrews Sykes, this latest product is perfect for use in applications where there are a lack of available openings to permit the use of extraction ducting.

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Tailored air conditioning solution during the peak of summer? No problem!

The healthcare industry has always been a key market sector for us, due in no small part to the fact that our excellent service lends itself to the needs of critical applications that demand swift action. That’s something we can and do provide regularly, which is why we have established a reputation for speed and reliability.

Not every project we work on involves dozens of units and multiple delivery drivers, however, naturally, we take every requirement seriously.

In the aftermath of the recent record-breaking spell, we received a cooling enquiry from a suburban health centre. Our client was conscious that although temperatures were not as high as they previously had been, the potential for another heatwave meant that pre-emptive action should be taken.Following a discussion with the site’s facilities manager, it was decided that a combination of Polar Wind, Polar Breeze and Double Cool units would be necessary to cool all parts of the building. The Double Cools were deployed in a clinical room which had no windows or openings, while the two air conditioning models were stationed inside the waiting area and reception.

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Unprecedented heat prompts us to pull out all the stops!

“We always go the extra mile for our clients” must be one of the most common claims made by businesses in the UK, but how many truly live up to that billing when their services are stretched due to circumstances beyond their control?

It’s fair to say that last week’s record-breaking temperatures put quite a strain on our resources. Staying on top of the online enquiries and inbound telephone calls was challenging enough, without the small matter of having to ensure each air conditioning hire was agreed, coordinated and delivered in as timely a fashion as possible.

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