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Andrews Air Conditioning provides gym-ready cooling solutions

In fitness facilities, the significance of a properly functioning cooling system cannot be overstated. The gymnasium, a space where people strive to push their physical limits, necessitates a cool and comfortable environment to facilitate optimal performance.

Recently we received an emergency enquiry as a customer’s gymnasiums cooling system had been vandalised and was no longer working. The system’s copper metal components had been stolen, leaving the facility without its critical cooling. This threatened to compromise the gym’s reputation as a reliable and comfortable workout space, particularly since it was open 24/7, a cooling solution that could provide uninterrupted cold air circulation was needed.

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Fashionably fresh: High-end shopping a breeze thanks to our evaporative coolers

Our exceptional service is delivered every day of the week – including outside of normal working hours! This weekend, our team delivered a number of Cyclone DX evaporative coolers to an exclusive retail store in Covent Garden. Even on a busy Saturday evening, our commitment to customer satisfaction was demonstrated as our temporary units were delivered to their destination right on cue!

The Cyclone DX, a fully portable evaporative cooler, is designed to generate a constant flow of refreshing, crisp air via the evaporation of water or ice. Bringing comfort to any environment, these units are perfect for retail stores, where they are commonly used.

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Andrews installs replacement cooling solution for major supermarket chain

There is a proven link between keeping a shop floor air conditioned and the length of time people are prepared to browse, demonstrating the impact that customer comfort has on the overall retail experience. In essence, a stuffy, hot store will cost you business – and there’s really no excuse for such uninviting conditions to linger when instant solutions are readily available.

Acutely aware of this, one of our customers – a world-renowned name in the industry – recently contacted us following the discovery of an issue with the chiller system at a prominent store in Yorkshire. Specifically, a faulty compressor had affected the chiller’s output, while its location within a plant room positioned at high level prevented us replacing the unit with one of our own chillers as the connecting air handling units were also suspected to be defective.

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