air conditioning for hotels

A great end to a busy summer

What a way to wrap up a hectic summer at Andrews Sykes! Over a period of three days, our dedicated engineers and driving team delivered 200 Polar Wind portable air conditioning units to the Marriott Hotel in Central London.

The main cooling system in the hotel had stopped working earlier in the week, resulting in a flood of orders from the hotel: 50 units on Tuesday, another 50 on Wednesday, and 100 more on Thursday. Our team rallied to fulfil the entire 200 unit order before the weekend, ensuring the hotel could continue hosting guests in comfort.

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Playing our part in helping the hospitality industry bounce back

We have already received a high number of urgent air conditioning enquiries from customers in the hospitality sector, and temperatures are yet to exceed the early 20s so far this summer! Only last week, we agreed separate 100-unit orders with two of the UK’s largest hotel chains – and the early signs are that there might be more to come.

In both cases alluded to above, our clients’ chillers had failed unexpectedly and left guestrooms and other areas completely exposed to warm seasonal conditions.

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Designated quarantine hotel hires air conditioning as chiller replacement

As part of a wider effort to prevent the spread of both new and existing COVID variants, strict measures are currently in place for people arriving from a ‘red list’ country. This now means that any person fulfilling the aforementioned criteria must stay in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 full days before they can proceed to their intended UK destination.

To help with the smooth implementation of this process, the government has assigned hotels in all major cities to be specifically used as quarantine centres.

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