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A Day in the Life of a Lorry Driver: Insights from Josh Ede

Marketing Assistant Jahdia Spencer gets a taste of life as a lorry driver and documents her experiences!

When it comes to imagining what a lorry driver does during a working day, it is assumed by the majority that they just sit behind a wheel and drive. But in reality, it takes much more than that to be a good lorry driver, especially on these traffic-infested London roads.
If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a lorry driver, then this blog is for you. I had the privilege of shadowing and interviewing Josh Ede, a lorry driver who has been in the profession for two and a half years. Josh has been working with Andrews Sykes for the past year, and he shared some insights on what it’s like to be a lorry driver with us.

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Andrews Air Conditioning provides gym-ready cooling solutions

In fitness facilities, the significance of a properly functioning cooling system cannot be overstated. The gymnasium, a space where people strive to push their physical limits, necessitates a cool and comfortable environment to facilitate optimal performance.

Recently we received an emergency enquiry as a customer’s gymnasiums cooling system had been vandalised and was no longer working. The system’s copper metal components had been stolen, leaving the facility without its critical cooling. This threatened to compromise the gym’s reputation as a reliable and comfortable workout space, particularly since it was open 24/7, a cooling solution that could provide uninterrupted cold air circulation was needed.

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Andrews Heat for Hire heats warehouse from a height

A production company recently moved into an old manufacturing warehouse in Scotland. The warehouse had been unoccupied for a number of years, yet areas have now been transformed into film sets, a staff canteen and a range of production areas. Several of these areas needed temporary heating. An Andrews Heat for Hire engineer discussed the client’s heating requirements and concluded that an Aurora FH4000 would be the perfect answer to their heating problem. This heater has a range of ducting outlets, is portable and can even be stacked if necessary.

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Emergency heaters for the emergency services

Andrews emergency heater hire service has recently assisted another emergency service, when a vital vehicle maintenance workshop needed some heaters at short notice Andrews heat for hire were there to deliver a heating solution quickly and efficiently.

The Cardiff based facility, which maintains vehicle for the Ambulance service in South Wales, contacted our Pontypridd depot who then arranged for one of our expert staff to carry out a free site survey. Soon after three Andrews portable heaters were delivered to the site, to ensure that workshop was kept at comfortable conditions and help the mechanics to provide the emergency service with a quick turnaround for their vehicles.

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It’s not all glamour in the world of ventilation hire, but just occasionally….

Andrews Sykes Keeps Super Yacht on Schedule

No matter how exclusive the product, the same pressures and imperatives apply. Meeting demanding deadlines, and maintaining continuity of production is a universally vital aspect of manufacturing

In the case of something like a super-yacht, time and temperature sensitive processes involving leading edge techniques, exotic materials, and highly skilled crafts and trades all mean no interruption can be allowed and preserving optimal operating conditions in the work environment  are especially important

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Andrews Heat for Hire: the best for football pitches this winter

Every winter, Andrews Heat for Hire are called to various football grounds across the country. Icy weather and freezing temperatures can mean major disruptions and cancellations for many matches.

Last year, at a major London club, the pitch was frozen, threatening the following day’s FA Cup tie. Andrews Heat for Hire quickly arrived at the club supplying 12 heating units to thaw the ground.

The heaters were delivered and running in less than three hours. Despite the frost being two inches deep, the pitch was playable by 6pm, with the heaters running overnight to ensure it stayed ‘frost-free’.

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Flood Package Hire from Andrews Sykes

Stormy weather brought chaos to Britain yesterday as homes were evacuated, roads and rail came to a standstill and people were left badly injured as a month’s worth of rain fell in just 24 hours.

More downpours and high winds are forecast for the rest of week, starting in the North of England working its way down to the South by the end of the week. The Environment Agency has issued more than 100 flood warnings to parts of Britain and has urged residents to take immediate action against the floods.

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Flood Packages from Andrews Sykes

With flood alerts remaining in place and more wet weather on the way, Andrews Sykes are here to help people of Britain with our exclusive Flood Packages.

The South East of England is particularly at risk from floods and heavy rain with the Environment Agency warning people to stay cautious and alert. Operating a 24/7 call out service, 365 days year and having depots strategically placed throughout Britain, Andrews Sykes delivers a fast response service to all calls at any time.

We provide first-class Flood Packages that are suitable for any flood damage, irrespective of size. Our Flood Packages are currently on special offer and designed by our Drying experts. Here at Andrews Sykes, we can ensure your building will be dried and ventilated quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire keep fans cool during grand opening ceremony at new football stadium

The redevelopment of a championship football stadium, costing £40million, was finalised recently and fans and staff were anticipating the grand opening ceremony at the stadium.

Disaster struck however, when the installed air conditioning system refused to work on the day of the opening ceremony. The stadium called Andrews Air Conditioning Hire during our out of hours service and our experts promptly responded and delivered and installed six Little Cooler units within 2 hours of the phone call.

The customer was relieved that the opening ceremony could continue in a cool and relaxed environment and they were delighted with the excellent equipment and service from Andrews Sykes. For all your air conditioning needs, whether in emergency or planned, contact us now on 0800 211 611.

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Sykes Pumps and Andrews Dehumidification here to support you through Britain’s miserable weather

With Britain suffering the wettest June for nearly 250 years and the rain continuing into July, customers can depend on Sykes Pumps to be on hand to help those affected by floods.

Having a vast range of pumps and over 150 years’ experience in dealing with floods and the damage they cause, Sykes Pumps are manned by experts and can respond within 4 hours of your phone call. We also provide a 24/7 call out service and our depots are strategically located to give local service to the majority of the UK.

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