Blog15 August 2023

Tackling temperature trouble at Twickenham Stadium

Facing a temperature challenge hotter than a fiery scrum, Twickenham Stadium’s home and away changing rooms needed a game-changing cooling solution. With the stakes high and temperatures even higher, the stadium management was quick to call in the cavalry for a winning strategy.

In a plot twist worthy of a last-minute try, the stadium manager contacted Andrews Sykes to conduct a free site survey and our team huddled up at the stadium, just hours after the 4pm call. With their game faces on, our sales engineers assessed the situation, creating a playbook for success. Within a mere 30 minutes, a quote was passed like a precision lineout, ensuring no time was lost!

That’s when Andrews Sykes’ ET25 air conditioner emerged as the star player on the bench, ready to supplement the cooling lineup. By slipping into the fresh air inlet like a winger sidestepping a tackle, the ET25 units brought a breath of icy relief to the team.

Ordering the ET25 units was like executing a flawless drop goal – quick and accurate! By midday, the order was in, and the stadium’s temperature strategy was set to change. But the MVP move was yet to come. With unerring efficiency, the equipment was delivered on the very same day, just in time for the weekend’s big match.

As Twickenham Stadium’s reputation soared higher than a fullback’s up-and-under, the cooling challenge was met head-on. With both ET25 units in play, the changing rooms were set to become an oasis of cool tranquility amidst the rugby fever. The stage was set, and with the game on the horizon, the players would have their haven of comfort!

Thanks to our quick thinking, rapid action, and resolute teamwork, the job was a success – echoing the dedication of rugby athletes themselves. As the big game looms, Twickenham Stadium stands ready, proving that whether it’s on the field or behind the scenes, every element matters in the pursuit of victory.