Blog10 January 2013

Sykes Submersibles – The UK’s No.1 Pump Supplier

When a pumping company suffered from failure of fixed pumps they called Sykes Pumps for a solution. The company needed help fast as the failure of the pumps caused the activated sludge to stop circulating which could result in a possible failure of services for 4000 local houses.

The local Sykes depot received an emergency call in in the early hours of the morning requesting pumps and hoses to replace the failed units as quick as possible. Our pump specialists were at the site with a range of equipment finding the best solution and problem was fixed in no time.

With Sykes Pumps major investment in hire fleet, with the addition of a range of atex rated submersible pumps plus the HS200 diesel driven units, we are able to provide solutions no matter what the scale or scope. To speak to your local pump specialist call 0800 211 611 today to see how they can help you.