Blog17 May 2012

Sykes Submersibles – A solution for all your pumping requirements

When a customer required flushing tests for a new heating system in a high rise building, they called Sykes Submersibles for the best solution. With over 150 years’ experience in delivering temporary pumping and ground water control solutions, Sykes Pumps offer a wide range of electrical submersible wastewater, drainage and sludge pumps, covering all applications.

Building regulations for new build offices and commercial buildings state that the flush, circulation and pressure on piping systems must be tested before permanent pumps are used in the building. This allows for pressure joints to be tested and any debris present in the pipes to be flushed away. Sykes Pumps Depot Manager, John Wheatley said “The scheme was a resounding success and we offered the customer a solution to a problem that had been causing concern over limited access. The selected pumps could be man handled via the lift shaft and stairs, negating the need for a mobile crane. Sykes submersible electrical pumps provided both a cost effective and reliable system. Similar solutions can benefit many new build M&E contractors wherever there are high rise blocks with new or reconditioned heating and cooling systems”.

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