Blog11 April 2024

Sykes Pumps to the rescue: a pipe dream come true

When a major sewer line burst in Phear Park, Exmouth, the situation called for an immediate, large-scale response. The client required a substantial quantity of 12-inch pipework to be delivered and installed as quickly as possible to facilitate the critical overpumping operation.

At Sykes Pumps, we’re known for our expertise in providing efficient and reliable equipment for emergency situations. And because of this, we sprang into action without delay. Within the same day, our team organised the delivery of the required 500 meters of 12-inch pipework, shuttling it to the site using both the client's and our own vehicles. This swift mobilisation was essential in ensuring the client could commence the overpumping process without delay.

But the challenge did not end there. As the project progressed, an additional 1.5 kilometres of 12-inch pipework, including bends and joints, was needed to keep up with the evolving demands of the situation. We rose to the occasion, seamlessly providing the additional equipment required to support the client's efforts.

Alongside the extensive pipework, we also deployed a series of diesel pumps to assist with the overpumping application and to aid in the dewatering of excavations on site. The versatility and reliability of our equipment proved invaluable in tackling the various aspects of this complex emergency project.

The client was delighted with our swift response and comprehensive solution. Their satisfaction was evident when they returned to us for additional equipment once the first phase of the project was complete. The client's trust in our ability to deliver during critical situations was a testament to our expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service.

This case study highlights Sykes’ capability to assemble kit quickly, adapt to changing requirements, and offer a comprehensive range of pumps to address even the most challenging emergency situations. By working closely with the client and drawing on our extensive resources, we were able to prevent a potentially catastrophic sewer line disaster and help restore normal operations at a notable location.