Blog4 May 2012

Sykes Pumps saves tunnel on Christmas Day

Deep beneath a small village lays a 3000 yard tunnel on the main line from Derbyshire to London. This tunnel, over recent years has become what can only be described as a subterranean river, as the water constantly drips from the walls and ceiling. Engineers began working on the tunnel but an emergency arose on Christmas day after a water pipe burst, causing hundreds of gallons of water to rapidly build up in the tunnel.

Sykes Pumps, being on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, were quickly called in by the engineers on Christmas day to the tunnel. Our experts delivered and installed a fleet of our pumps to drain the excessive amount of water and debris in the tunnel. The customer was extremely happy with the fast response and quality of our pumps stating the job couldn’t have been done without us.

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