Blog17 February 2012

Sykes Pumps rescues Otter Habitat

A stream was at risk of flooding due to construction taking place on the bridge above. Despite seeing evidence of otter habitat, the construction company needed to complete their job within deadline and had to so without harming the otter’s. They called Sykes Pumps for a solution.

Providing bespoke solutions for over 150 years, Sykes Pumps were confident in maintaining the natural level of the stream. Our experts installed a 6” super silenced pump, which would maintain the dam level ensuring the otter burrow wasn’t compromised. Our experts also ensured minimum noise disturbance to the ecosystem by placing the pump on the opposite side of the road.

The customers were delighted with the solution and pleased they could continue their job with peace of mind. Having more expertise and heritage in pumping than any other company, Sykes Pumps will always find the best solution to help our customers.