Blog22 December 2021

Sykes Pumps provides off mains drainage solution

Amid the construction of approximately 250 new properties in Essex, Sykes Pumps was contacted by the housing developer and asked to resolve an issue pertaining to the removal of waste and sewage. Despite some of the homes already being inhabited, the surrounding residential area had not yet been connected to a sewer main.

As a result, all sewage was retained within a 15,000-litre cesspool on-site, which naturally requires emptying once it reaches full capacity. With no permanent solution available and our client suffering some negative PR due to the extreme odours being given off, a temporary pumping arrangement was required.

Prior to our intervention, a tanker lorry was arriving at the location every couple of days to remove waste from the holding tank – but this in itself was creating logistical issues and not considered sustainable in the medium to long-term.

In response, our local engineer recommended the use of an electric submersible wastewater pump, along with several lengths of 6” hose. This pump hire configuration allowed for sewage to be removed from the cesspool and rediverted into an open manhole a short distance away from the housing estate’s entrance.

Not only was this proposal more efficient due to reduced vehicle use and labour, it also eliminated the need for third party involvement once our kit was in situ. Because of this, our client was delighted with our pumping solution which was kept in operation until the sewer network had been extended as initially planned.